Armor and Hindrance

Armour is employed in order to reduce the damage done by a lucky attacker. As we already told, after a breakthrough, i.e. successful attack, but failed parade or avoidance, you calculate the hit points. And then you have to subtract the armour points (RP) of the defender from the hit points, before you subtract this value as damage points from the life energy of the defender.

However, armour restricts your agility, so armour does not only give you armour points but also a handicap. This level of handicap must be taken into account for some talent tests, but also in combat. You have to subtract half the handicap from your AT and the other half of the PA-value. If you got an odd number for handicap, the higher value has to be subtracted from PA.

Now, we know, Elgor has a leather armour, which yields 3 armour points, it also yields a handicap of 3, so his values of AT/PA:13/11 drop to AT/PA:12/9.

So, when equipping your hero, think about a suitable balance between armour and handicap for your type of character. The handicap level, however, may be even higher than just your armour depending on what you buy and how much ? Each part of armour has its own weight and handicap, other items only give you a weight, that has to be taken into account for the handicap.

If you do not find what you were looking fro in our list, than think about your own piece of armour. In that case the level of handicap will always be equal to the armour points and the price may be determined according to the list. Just think about the relative value to our proposals. So, e.g. you may find an armless chain armour with a weight of 240 ounces. Such an unusual wish may well cost 18 Ducats in Arkania.

Armour Armour
points (RP)
Handicap Weight
Thin silk clothes 0 0 40 5
Normal (leather)
1 1 120 2(4)
Winter clothes/Fur 2 2 200 3
Watted tunic 2 2 120 4
Heavy leather 2 2 200 5
Leather armour 2 3 180 8
Chain armour 4 4 320 20
Squama plating 5 5 480 90
Helmet +1 +1 60 3
Greaves/splints +1 +1 120 8

Arkania is just thrusting into another era and there are recently some extreme improvements on armoury, e.g. example made of dragon skin, Iryan leather (a rare fire-resistant armour), armours made of fabric and wood, but these are not part of this basic rules.

Greaves and splints are mostly available in combination and offer the same amount of protection, if they are mad from metal or leather.

Armour for dwarves, generally, is only three quarters of the weight indicated above, but is the same price.

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