Boron Field (Cemetary)

29 01) Entrance portal to Boron's field 02) The dwarven grave is of no further interest 03) This is the grave of a mage, which is meaningless too 04) At the raven's statue, you may offer a sacrifice to Boron 05) An offertory box for Marbo, daughter of Boron 06) Neither tools nor magic is able to open this gate 07) If you take a closer look at this grave, the servant of Boron will complain about this 08) Home of the servant of Boron 09) You get into trouble with several skeletons and skeleton warriors inside the charnel house. You get to know the servant of Boron here, too 10) This grave is the entrance to the tomb 11) After you have read the false servant's character, you may confront him here 12) Fight against 1-2 heshthots and 1 druid (level 12!) 13) After the fight, you find some of the druid's possessions if you enter the house again Translation by Peridor

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