Combat Tactics

There is not just one, there are thousands of them…

That is what will happen to you when you move to Tobria in these times, a province of the Middlerealm at the East Coast that went lost about one year ago against a fierce black magician and his troops. But this will also happen in any regular gaming situation, you will not bother around with just one hero and one enemy, your whole room at home will be full of people crying: "I’ll chop his head off". In this situation, the gamemaster will have to listen carefully to all players where they are and what they are doing, a plan of any battle site and a schedule is advisory. If your head is enough, use it to the max. Nobody can fight and do something else like opening a treasure at the same time. They will have to perform some tactical maneuvering.

Particular Combat Situations

There are situations in combat when special modifications are essential to realize the particular situation. These could be special attributes of the environment or an usual position of enemies or your group of heroes. As an example, we might give a fight in total darkness. This will lead to AT and PA additive of 7 for anyone fighting somebody in the darkness. Similar modifications might be advisory for transparent or flying creatures, for battle over, under or at water.

Additionally, our rules might proof sensible in a showdown for two armed humanoid beings. If one of the fighters is an animal things get worse, because animals have very different kinds of armament, horns, teeth and so on. In those cases a parade is not rationally motivated, so good role-playing would need sort of avoiding the strike in these times. If you want to know more about this, there is a box that I do not own, which tells about it, it is called "Dragon, griffins, black lotus" and I think it is quite too early ti translate it into English. Perhaps you will see it in the distant future.

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