Dwarven Mine - Level 2

33 01) Stairs leading up to level 1 02) You notice two orcs throwing a dead dwarf down the slope 03) Spider pit: After two fights against spiders, take a look at the pile of corpses. Special loot (among other things): SN-amulet and a rope (needed in order to leave this location) 04) Chute: For the ascent, choose a hero, who is agile and good at climbing (give him the rope). He receives 2000 EP, while the others get 1000 05) If you approach this door a horde of orcs rushes up to you 06) Stack of tools: 3 mattocks, hammer, 2 shovels, crowbar, warhammer, 2 torches, tinderbox 07) Better release the undead dwarves by casting "Banish spirits". The spellcaster receives 1500 EP and apart from that, Ingerimm and Boron will both be pleased 08) You may eat the scraps of food. The heroes are drunk afterwards, however 09) 20 ration packages and 5 sets of cutlery 10) You may increase your "Throwing weapons" skill by 1 at the wooden slab, provided that you do not miss it twice 11) You find 3x licorice, 2x bonbons, beer, 2 ration packages, fish and 10 dried loneberries 12) You discover 3 shurin bulbs on the shelf 13) You may refill your water skins here 14) Break the barrel to get the small box or fish it out. Do not climb into the barrel, as Numbskull may be the consequence 15) The metal bar is unimportant. However, You may hammer it in all the way using the sledgehammer (see level 1, location 4) 16) The skeleton warrior carries a magical sword (unbreakable, PA +1) and a likewise magical chainmail. Hurry to pick up these items and leave the drift filled with mine gas immediately (casting Transversalis is helpful)! 17) A badly wounded orc tells you about traps if a test on „Tongues" turns out to be successful 18) Do not yank the cave leech off, as you will lose more LP and have your AG reduced by 2 for two days 19) You find a magical two-handed sword, which is remarkably light 20) At the demon portal, answer the third and fourth question with YES and deny the rest. Your heroes shall survive this way Translation by Peridor

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