Dwarven Mine - Level 3

34 01) Stairs leading back to level 2 02) This trap can be disarmed assuming a high DX. A lone hero will meet his death, so take Thorgrimm along at least 03) Crossbow trap: Danger sense and wisdom is required 04) Here as well 05) The block of stone should be no problem for a hero with a high perception skill 06) Pit trap, which may be disarmed using different spells: Claudibus (+10), Melt solid, Nihilatio (+4) or Solidirid (+5). The minimum spell values required are given in brackets 07) Your leader will always touch the trip wire triggering the crossbow trap, no matter how hard he tries to avoid this 08) Answer the mug's question with „Remission". The solution can be obtained by piecing together the cryptic characters on the walls. Examining them includes a test on "Ancient tongues" 09) The lichen is just camouflage and you may push a movable panel underneath it. Doing so opens a passage to the Demon Hall. You should have asked REMISSION before at the mug of a face 10) If you approach the pedestal you have to face a horned demon 11) After the fight you get into trouble with Manresh and two of his accomplices. Special loot: 1 girdle of Might, 1 green ring (DX +4) 12) The demon book should be burnt using a torch otherwise you receive no game points. Return to Riva afterwards Translation by Peridor

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