Feylamia Hideout

37 01) You enter/leave Feylamia's hideout here 02) You need to leave someone here to keep down the lever, which opens the portcullis at 3. Mandara will pay him a visit soon... 03) The portcullis mentioned above 04) This lever can be locked in place 05) As soon as this lever is locked in place, you hear a horrified scream coming from the hero you left at 2 06) Which will cause this wall section to disappear, as you walk by 07) This lever opens the portcullis at 8, which allows you to pick up the hero you left back 08) The portcullis mentioned above 09) In this jail cell you find the dazed rat-catcher 10) Locker containing special items: silver helmet and golden shield 11) This chest contains the moon lantern and Eleana disappears temporary 12) You may refill your water skins here once 13) This is the hall of mirrors, which can be entered on this way only, if the Feylamia is dead already 14) This ladder leads to the guild's headquarters. The secret passage is secured with a lock, which cannot be opened however 15) You find a diary, a flask of Miasthmatikum and a recipe for sleeping potion on the shelf 16) Desk: take the anti-hypnotica and especially the small key with you 17) After you put on the wristband and the silver ring, you may step through the mirror. Choose an appropriate hero, who shall do this and equip him with the mentioned items plus the moon lantern and the small key 18) This is the mirror mentioned above 19) Another mirror. Stepping through requires the wristband and the silver ring again 20) See 19 21) You find the moon crystal and a green wristband in the chest 22) As soon as you have taken the crystal out of the chest, lantern and crystal are merged. In the following fight against Mandara, just use the lantern 23) This wall section disappears as soon as you have received the mission to explore the castle 24) You face the water dragon using the float 25) Via the iron door you may enter the castle 26) Using the float, you may get back at any time. After solving the quest, you find yourselves in the old sewers already, however Translation by Peridor

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