Harbor basin of Riva

48 01) You begin this underwater quest here 02) Fight against 5 mermen 03) Accept the invitation and follow the mermen 04) The river father of the Kvill (king to the merpeople) in his underwater palace 05) Intervene in this fight and help the fish 06) You notice a merman disappearing in a house to the north 07) Destroy the creeper using a dagger or a short sword 08) Entrance to the wine cellar 09) Chest: whetstone, healing potion, silver jewelry 10) Clam: the most curious hero's agility is reduced by 5 for 2 days and his curiosity is reduced by 1 permanently! 11) The most curious hero gets bitten by a moray eel 12) Several ducats may be discovered in the sand 13) If you break the vase you find several silver coins 14) Entrance to the "Even Star", the most courageous hero receives EP Translation by Peridor

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