Level Up

Whenever a hero reaches a new level, see preliminary rules for that, she can improve her Attributes, i.e. virtues and flaws, as well as her talents; furthermore she can raise her life energy.

Improving Virtues (Positive Attributes)

Now, to improve the virtues, it is essential to raise the points of them. To achieve this the player may throw the D20 three times. At first he tells which virtue point should be raised, then he throws the dice. Obtaining a result that is higher than the current value she may raise the value to one point higher. If she did not succeed she may have another try and still another if it fails again. But, a player, may only raise one virtue by one point, not two by one point and not one by two points, just one by one point, if she succeeds in one of three rolls.

Improving Flaws (Negative Attributes)

To improve the flaws, it is advisory to reduce the points listed for them. To achieve this the player has three possibilities, too. She has to throw less than the listed points for the flaw in that case, that she tells about before she throws the dice. And still, she can only reduce one flaw by one point.

Improving Skills

The improvement of talents is again coupled with the raising of points and this is the most important event for the level improvement, because a hero is characterized, first of all, by her talent profile.

Every hero may try her luck 15 times for the TaPs (talent points). This level improvement begins at the time of the creation of the hero since she has to be raised from level 0 to level 1.

To raise the TaPs of a talent, the player will have to throw some dice, in this case 2D6 (i.e. two six-sided dice), as long as the current TaPs are 9 or less and 3D6 afterwards, i.e. when you obtained the mastership in that talent. The fulfilment of a talent awaits you at the stage of TaP 18.

To raise a TaP 1 point you may throw the dice up to three times (but that already makes 3 of your 15 tries). If you are succeeding in throwing a higher number than your current value you succeed in raising the TaP of the talent. Now, there is a special limitation to how much you can improve your talents per level. Fighting techniques and Intuitive Talents may be be raised only 1 point per level, Knowledge may be improved by 3 points per level and all other talents by 2 points per level at maximum.

Since you have three rolls per try you can maximally spend 9 points for raising a Knowledge-TaP by 1 point, but for Fighting techniques you may spend the total amount of 3 rolls only.

If you want to raise a TaP-value by more than 1 per level, you have to think about the improvement you already achieved and calculate things by the new value, i.e. you have to throw a higher value than the new one you already succeeded in.

A hint at the end of this passage: Do not spend to many improvement points on just one talent, there are a lot of them and there are only 15 points available. Think about it carefully.

Improving Spells

To improve the magic talents, you can follow the same rules that apply for the "ordinary" talents. But magic talents are only available for magically endowed heroes. Magicians may use 15 dice rolls (which cuts down their ordinary talents to 10 rolls at maximum), elves have to restrain to 10 (and this does not change their 15 ordinary rolls).

Improving Life Energy (LE)
for non-magical types

Going up another level the hero has the possibility to raise her life energy. Therefore she may only roll a D6 and add the energy simply to the current life energy. This applies also, if the character is momentarily engaged in an adventure chronicle, even if she is wounded.

Improving Astral Energy (AE)
and life energy for magicians and elves

A magician throws a D6, an elf throws a D6 and adds 2. These points can now be split up between astral energy, which is essential for casting spells, and life energy as the player wishes.

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