Resetting your character sheets to default state

Since Arkania Online is still in process of development, we sometimes add new skills and spells, remove the old ones, change the meta-skills value calculation formulas etc. Sometimes these changes require major character sheets updates, that’s why you are going to encounter error #3 from time to time. We are very sorry for that, but we promise you won’t experience it again when the skill/spell list is completely settled.

What happens when I reset the character sheets?

All skill and spell values are set to their default state. This means your character will now have the same stats as (s)he had right after hero generation. Except for positive and negative attributes. All attributes are not affected by character sheet reset.

Does this mean that all my skill and spell upgrades are gone?

Yes and no. Although the skills are set to their minimal value, you will get all your improvement points back, so you will be able to redistribute them and increase the skill values that were lowered by the reset.