Shadows Over Riva Walkthrough

Welcome to the walkthrough section of my Shadows Over Riva site. The first half of this game is quite non-linear, and you can visit the first five areas in this guide (Riva City, the Graveyard Dungeon, the Countryside east of Riva, the Dwarven Mines, and the Sewers) in any order you like, and go back and forth between them at will. Each of the following six areas, however, will only be opened to you after a certain quest event has occurred to trigger it. Shadows Over Riva Map Areas I. The City of Riva II. The Graveyard Dungeon III. Countryside (east of Riva) IV. Dwarven Mines V. Sewers VI. Sorcerer's Tower VII. Pirate Ship (Bride of the Winds) VIII. Feylamia Lair IX. The Castle of Riva X. The Underwater Area XI. The Hive For some other funny things you might like to try out, click Shadows Over Riva Easter Eggs and Optional Actions. :-) Please note that this walkthrough is not exhaustive-- I have not even tried to list every fight or item in every dungeon. I also try to avoid giving away the plot of the game by telling you the content of the documents you find, information given by NPC's, etc. Instead, as usual with my low-spoiler walkthroughs, I concentrate on telling you where there are points of interest in each location and very generally what they are, so that you can be sure you haven't missed anything as you go along. City of Riva You do not actually begin this game with a quest. The priestess of Travia is sort of generically worried that "some of our citizens have been behaving strangely," and would like you to have a look around and see if you can figure out what's going on. So the best thing to do is simply to explore until you learn more. In addition to the points of interest listed below, there are also many random encounters that take place as you move around Riva. These occurences are not tied to any particular location; they may or may not happen to your party at all, and sometimes the exact same encounter may occur twice. Some of the ones I encountered included: a street vendor offering to sell the party cheese toast, a snake-oil salesman trying to sell the party a treasure map to the non-existent Star Trail axe, a stoned young woman randomly kissing a party member, some children taunting a Holberkian for no good reason, a drunken dwarf vomiting on one of the characters, a sack of rice falling off a cart onto the characters' feet, Things you can do in Riva: 1) The first place the priestess of Travia suggests you check out is the temple of Firun, because they have been having some problems with a haunted graveyard. As it turns out this is, in fact, one of the easiest quests, so it isn't a bad place to start. The priestess of Firun explains the problem to you and also recommends a recruitable NPC, Thorgrim the dwarf, who might be useful to pick up before entering the dungeon. In the above-ground part of the cemetery, you can talk to Eboreus the gravedigger, open a crypt, fight some skeletons, visit the shrine of Boron, examine the tomb of a Feylamia (elven vampire), and inspect some graves. If you explore well enough, you will find your way into the dungeon beneath the graveyard. 2) The first time you start to cross into the center of town, you will encounter a mob carrying a wounded dwarf to the healer's. By listening to them, you learn that orcs have attacked the dwarven mine outside of town. The dwarven mine is another area that you can visit whenever you choose, though it's generally a tougher area than the graveyard dungeon. 3) You will also have an unusual encounter with an old beggar woman named Lea who seems to be uncannily good at getting strangers including you) to tell her their secrets. She disappears; you will see more of her later in the story. 4) By talking to the priest of Efferd, you can learn about a "haunted watchtower" in town. It is located among the warehouses and if you stake it out at night, around 11 PM or so and then talk to some of the people living in houses nearby, you can learn some more about what is going on here. 5) In the center of town can be found all the amenities you would expect from a game like this: marketplace with several vendors, inn, healer, tavern, courthouse, city hall, cheesy brothel, etc. One valuable store which you might not notice right away on your own is the cartographer's-- if you buy a map of Riva there, it will update your automap with the names of important buildings. This is very useful if you're looking for a specific god's temple or so on. Dungeon Beneath The Graveyard 1) There is a Praios-amulet nailed to the wall here that you can pry off if you have a pair of pliers. 2) There is an orderly line of bodies here that has plot importance, so be sure to examine them! Other groups of bodies are also worth examining to gain experience points. 3) The pentagram on the floor with candles burning on it is a trap-- a character who steps into it without first extinguishing the candles will suffer a strange (and kind of cool) delusion until rescued by a teammate. 4) In the room with the trapped pentagon, the body on the table is wearing a skin mask that is of plot importance. (Without any input from you, one of your characters with a high Curiosity will suddenly peel the mask off the corpse and put it on his or her own face. This spooked me and made me think my character was cursed or possessed, since the text never mentioned that she took it off again; but in fact she did and it was just a plot exposition.) 5) On one of the bookshelves is some plot information about Feylamias. This will be of use later. 6) The Feylamia's tomb seems very quiet and the sarcophagus cannot be opened (it doesn't matter whether you take the amulets from the sarcophagus or not.) 7) Once you have gathered all the information you need, you can go back aboveground and tackle the boss fight from this dungeon. Be aware that this will be a hard fight if your characters were not imported from Star Trail, because of the lack of magic weapons in your party. Countryside (east of Riva) There are plenty of herbs growing in the countryside here, so this is a good place to make the party some money if you are patient, by collecting the herbs and selling them back in town. Also there are a few fights you may come across here (though they seem to be randomized): a couple of orc patrols, some bandits, and a rowdy group of Thorwalians who will attack you unless you give them alcohol. 1) There is a boating shack out here where the characters can rest if they care to. 2) The road is flooded and the dock is broken; if you explore them too closely, one of your characters may fall into the water and catch cold. 3) The big building here is the university. This place is useful because it is possible to identify objects here. For now, though, there is a quest that can be undertaken with the, er, not-very-enterprising young magic student named Stipen who accosts you here. Basically he wants you to help him cheat on his final exam, which involves a bunch of riddles. Although it is not very academically honest to agree, it is rather fun to solve the riddles, so you might as well do it. If you answer too many of the riddles wrong, Stipen will fail his exam and will run away sobbing, probably not having learned any lesson from the experience; if you answer them all correctly, you will have the choice of either being a hard-ass and taking all his graduation gifts (as he originally promised,) or being nice about it and splitting them with him (he gives you the only good item anyway if you do this.) 4) There is a memorial site with a pair of boots sticking out of it that one of your characters can explore, for an interesting subplot and the (magical) pair of boots. 5) There is a pile of rubble here that the party can climb over (although one or more of them may injure themselves doing this.) On the other side of the rubble is a clearing that leads to the dwarven mine entrance. Dwarven Mines Make sure that you bring a torch with you even if you have a magician with Light Ritual... you will need materials for burning things in this dungeon. First Level 1) You can find and read the dwarves' mining log, to learn that the dwarves discovered a strange statue and since then several of them have gone missing without a trace; also that the orc army has been harassing them in recent days. 2) If you manage to knock any of the orcs unconscious, you will be able to interrogate him and learn a little about Manresh. 3) In the nursery (why is there a nursery in an underground mine, anyway? Was this Take Your Daughter To Work Day for the dwarves or something?) there is a rocking horse that a character with a high Curiosity score may have an interesting interaction with. One of your characters may also inadvertantly stick their hand into a dirty diaper pail. 4) There is a dead dwarf in a barrel down here; search his body carefully for a useful key, although doing so is bound to distress the necrophobes in your group. 5) In another room you can find two dead orcs who apparently OD'd on dwarven ale. Thorgrim will make some comments about this. 6) In the forge area, you can search the ashes to find a sledgehammer, but only if one of your characters is a dwarf. 7) Behind a secret door, you can find the body of the dwarven leader Radomil, along with several meaningful written documents. There also are some books here which can give you skill point bonuses (although you have no control over which character receives which bonus.) 8) And down a trapped hallway, is the path to the second level. Second Level 1) Immediately after arriving, you will have an encounter with two orcs carrying a dead dwarf. After the encounter is over, you can slide down the chute to investigate the monsters and the 2D pile of dead bodies down there, then climb back up to continue exploring. 2) Nearby, you can find the ghosts of the seven dwarves you read about on level one. This is the perfect time to use Banish Spirits, which the gods will be pleased with you for doing; otherwise, you can just fight them and send them on to their eternal rest the hard way. 3) If you eat the orcish feast in the dining room, the game will assume you also consume the alcohol and you will become drunk. 4) If you play around with the throwing axe target game, one of your characters will get a boost to his Throwing score. 5) There is some treasure hidden in the bottom of one of the water barrels, but if you just reach your arm in to pull it out, you will catch cold for some reason (adventurers have a very strong aversion to water in these games), so it's better to use another tactic. 6) In the far northwest room your characters will begin to detect a problem with gas in the air. The longer you stay in this area, the more chances your characters will have of falling unconscious, so try to defeat the enemy, grab the treasure and get out as quickly as possible! 7) There is a spike sticking out of the wall in the northern corridor which does not seem to have any importance whatsoever. It is possible to use the sledgehammer from level one to pound it into the wall, but as far as I can tell this accomplishes nothing. If anyone has any idea what this spike is for, I'd love it if you could let me know. 8) In the hallway you will encounter a dying orc. Talk to him for a little information before he expires. 9) Going into the water, one of your characters will be attacked by a giant leech. Gross, but it's even worse if you rip it off, so just ignore it and get the treasure from the water. 10) Save your game before approaching the pillars! The statue's questions are very easy but if you do get them wrong, this is a sudden-death scenario. Third Level This level is linear and has nothing optional in it. Just follow it through to the end, and take careful note of the strange video that you see after Manresh's death. This scenario will become important later. If you're curious about the ancient alphabet puzzle, and why the same letter is translated as "E" the first time and "S" the second time, it is because the original answer to this question in German was "Vergebung," so the second and fifth letters were the same in that word (as were the fourth and ninth letters.) "Vergebung" means "forgiveness" in German, by the way, which makes more sense than the English answer you have to give. Plot Interlude In Riva There's a bottleneck in the plot right around now. Nothing will progress until a man named Tarsinion comes running up to you and asks you to investigate a murder. I'm not sure exactly what you need to accomplish before this happens, but at minimum you need to have talked to Tarik (who you can find in the "Harbour Maid" bar if you haven't yet), done a first pass exploring the sewers (you'll hit a dead end, but you need to have encountered one video of the Rat-Catcher plying his trade and another of a sewer monster eating,) and talked to the Rat-Catcher in his house. It may also be necessary for you to have cleared the Dwarven Mines and/or talked to Bosper Jarnug in the courthouse (not sure about those.) Anyway, once you've accomplished enough of these things, Tarsinion should show up to get the plot moving again. This initiates a linear sequence that begins with investigating the crime scene and going back into the sewers and ends, quite a while later, with your characters tailing an unsavory character to a pirate headquarters and having a combat (the first one since the Dwarven Mines.) Sewers and Old Sewers Now you can finish exploring the sewers and the Old Sewers (which you can reach through a trapdoor in the Rat Catcher's house.) 1) The old sewers are a way to travel back and forth between all the temples underground. This will become necessary later in the game. For now, it is a good idea to explore it fully, since you will need to open a couple of secret doors and attach a rope to a submerged part of the sewers in order to access all of it. (There is still one other section of the Old Sewers, to the north of the map, which will not be available until you have completed a later quest.) 2) As for the regular sewers, there is nothing important to see in most of this area except for what you have necessarily seen during the long plot interlude. However, there is one piece of the sewer you were not required to enter during the previous sections, whose entrance is near the Temple of Travia. This section of sewer does not connect to the others, so it's possible to miss it. First, if you enter at night, you can surprise some more pirates meeting here and meet them in combat; there is also a pirate chest in their hideout which you can loot. Second, in the hallway between the sewer entrance and the pirate hideout... around about where the graveyard is aboveground... you can make a disturbing discovery which has some relevance to the plot. 3) After exiting the sewers and moving around Riva for a little while, a plot event involving a Holberkian should occur, culminating in your gaining access to a new dungeon: Sorcerer's Tower Truthfully, I didn't enjoy this dungeon very much. You have to keep fighting the boss over and over again, which is dull, and you can't use the "computer combat" option on almost any of the combats in the tower, so if (like me) you've come to rely on it, you're in for a long slog of wrestling with the lousy combat interface whether you like it or not. Also, you have to split the party (which is never anything but a pointless annoyance) and sleeping to recover astral points is a logistical headache, both because there are few safe places to sleep and because the character who's been separated from the party will start starving if you leave him alone too long, so you'll have to keep switching back to him to feed him and make him take drinks. Here are some specific notes on this dungeon: 1) Don't bother exploring the swamp the tower is located in. There's nothing in it but sinkhole traps, water you can't swim across no matter how many times you try, a geyser you can't do anything with, and a bunch of boring fights with swamp rantzies. One encounter with some interesting (but basically harmless) mosquitoes will happen soon after you enter the swamp, and is unavoidable. 2) When you enter the stables (the first room you can access in the tower complex), be sure to save your game before touching the cages, as you may want to reload and take a different tack. It does not matter what you say to the servant, though some of his responses are amusing. 3) Explore the garden and tower area thoroughly, and if you get stymied, look for alternate entrances. 4) As soon as you get inside the tower, be sure to save the game again. It doesn't matter what you say to the sorcerer when you first meet him, but you may want to reload and try the other options just for the heck of it, since some of his responses are interesting or funny. 5) You can, in fact, leave inventory items on the wizard's coat rack and return for them later. I'm not sure exactly why you'd want to, but you can. 6) When you have to split your party, leave your weakest character behind at the crank (he or she will miss the entire rest of this adventure.) You can save yourself later aggravation if you make sure to leave the abandoned character plenty of food and water, but if you forget, there's a barrel of water and shelves full of food right on the first level for him or her to collect. 7) Save the game before inserting any colored diamonds into keyholes. The clue for this puzzle is either poorly done or poorly translated, and even if you think you know which gems to insert, you may be wrong; you will lose the chance at accessing some of the hidden statues if you waste diamonds on wrong guesses. 8) Feel free to destroy the statues; there are no ill effects to this that I could determine. 9) When you get a note mentioning a "fresh breeze," save the game -- you can find yourself in a situation that could cause a lot of frustrating replaying if you don't have a recent savegame to fall back on. 10) If you find yourself trapped in the library, it's because it's impossible to leave the room while you're carrying some of the books from the shelves. I don't think there's any way around this, but they're not any use anyway once your mages have read them once. 11) After the (I think) third time you fight the wizard, be sure to examine the pentagram where his body has fallen, since there is a useful item there. 12) The answers to the three riddles on the fourth level are all the same, and only one word is accepted by the game as the correct answer -- which happens NOT to be the most common English name for this object. If you're sure you know what the answer is but the game just keeps rejecting it, try a synonym. 13) Don't worry about it when the allen key breaks -- this will only happen when it is no longer useful, so you're in no danger of your game becoming stuck. 14) It's not clear whether the villain you have to fight the next several times is supposed to be the dognapping sorcerer back from the dead again, or another incarnation of his servant, but either way, he will not stay dead until you finish rearranging the picture over the altar. Every time you move a certain number of tiles, he will attack you again, so the more efficient you are, the fewer extra fights you will have to endure. 15) Once you've killed him for good you can finally leave the tower. The main party and the character you left behind will have to exit separately and reunite outside the tower complex; then they can report back to Haffel and return to town. Another Plot Interlude In Riva After returning to Riva, you'll need to engage in some more plot investigation before you can reach the next stage in the game. It's all quite straightforward, just make sure that you save your game before going to meet Malmodir in the Harbour Maid. You will be confronted with several sudden-death scenarios in the next section, and will lose a lot of inventory items there no matter what you do. You may want to consider stashing all your herbs in one of the chests in the graveyard, along with any unnecessary heavy items like tools, bedrolls, and so on. You won't need any unusual equipment where you're going. (You will, mercifully, be able to keep all your magic items.) Pirate Ship (Bride of the Winds) In the most pointless annoyance of the game, all your equipment is stolen as soon as you arrive on the pirate ship, and then you immediately get all of it back, and have to spend 5-10 minutes redistributing it correctly among your characters. Oddly, once you've accomplished this mundane task, it only takes a few minutes to escape from the pirate ship -- just walk to the westmost of the two ladders and go up (but save first, because you'll have to navigate a text menu with plenty of instant-death options.) Of course, you can explore the pirate ship more thoroughly before going up that ladder, but you're just going to have to jettison any loot you pick up when you jump into the water anyway, and even though you can kill any number of these sailors in combat without breaking a sweat, there are several points on the ship where they can "swarm" you and defeat you automatically, so I found navigating around the ship to be more of a pain than it's worth. However, if you have the patience to explore the ship further, here are a few other things of interest which you can find on board. Just remember that there is a time limit to how long you can explore before being insta-killed. (The "Visibili" spell does not prevent you from being swarmed, but it does seem to help you avoid time-wasting combats with sailors, which can indirectly help you finish in time.) 1) The only important thing to happen to you on the second deck (where you begin this adventure) is meeting Yann, which you cannot avoid anyway (he will find you as soon as you open the first door.) If you take him with you, you will get an automap of the whole ship, which will save you time. 2) There are dozens of chests on this level, but none of them have truly important contents and as I mentioned, you will need to drop most of anything you pick up in order to escape anyway, so looting is a little pointless. If you have not played Star Trail, you may want to take a detour to the furthest right of the three crew rooms on the south side of the ship. There is a magic waterskin in one of the chests there. (Of course, if you already have the magic waterskin from Star Trail you don't need to waste your time on this, since a second one is redundant.) 3) Going up the stairs to the first deck, there are a few more points of interest here. Towards the front end of the ship there is a strange encounter with a hobgoblin. If you answer his riddles correctly, he will give you an extra half-hour to explore the ship with. If you answer them incorrectly, he will make the party seasick. Nearby, there is an encounter with six marines who you can trick. In the furthest back room of the ship are some steering mechanisms you can sabotage that will make your escape easier. As for loot, in the southern room you can find a silver mace and dolphin amulet. The locked room in the back part of the ship is a waste of time since all it has in it is food and alcohol. 4) If you wish to explore the upper deck, be sure to use the ladder in the back part of the ship, because the one in the front part of the ship will get you captured every time as far as I can tell. In the room to the northwest corner, you can find a gold shield and silver helmet. The room to the southwest of that has a red amulet. The rooms to the north and south center are wastes of time. The magician's room to the northeast has a chest with an interesting lock and plenty of herbs to loot, but that is not worth going out of your way for since herbs will get ruined when you swim in the sea anyway. The captain's room to the southeast has many valuables and a green amulet, but you have to leave the room when you hear the two men inside and then re-enter later to avoid being captured. You can jump through the window into the water to reach the lifeboat from the captain's room. All in all, you can find some nice objects here but they are all duplicates of objects you have found in other places, so if you find that you keep being captured on this ship, just cut your losses and get out. You won't be missing much. Honestly if you put your herbs and heavy objects in a safe place before departing, you will save more money than you could make by robbing the pirates anyway. Yet Another Plot Interlude In Riva Once you arrive back in town, more plot points start coming, beginning with you being arrested on trumped-up charges and then cleared of charges. You should have plenty of time to buy and sell things, go back to any locations where you hid your herbs or heavy objects, etc., before Tarik finds you again with the next plot point. Once the party becomes fugitives, traveling in Riva becomes very dangerous, and it is best to stick to the sewers and old sewers to get from place to place. Visibili is a good spell to use if you have to move around aboveground at all. Meet with Lothur and you will get access to the next dungeon. The Feylamia This area is small, but there are a few optional places. 1) Whichever character you leave behind at the lever will be accosted by the Feylamia; there is nothing you can do to avoid it. However, this encounter seems to go a little differently depending on which character you have left there. In particular, Mandara kisses a male character, while she just uses her hypnotic gaze to terrify a female character. In neither case does she appear to damage the character. 2) In a cell near the entrance you can find Xebbert the Rat-Catcher. He is in a trance and will not talk or respond to you. Mandara must have ensorcelled him. But if you rescue him, you will see him again at the end of the level. 3) In the inner lair, there is a mirrored wall that casts an ominous reflection. If one of the characters touches it at this point in time, he or she will be trapped inside the mirror until the feylamia is killed. (The mirror can only be safely used with the help of a magic item you can find deeper in Mandara's lair.) 4) Up the ladder in the inner lair can be found an interesting view and a secret door which only Mandara can open, but which nonetheless conveys some plot importance. 5) In the library, you can have an interesting encounter with the chair. The magician's diary, on the bookshelves, is also a worthwhile read. The Fortress of Riva As with the pirate ship, it is possible to be "swarmed" by guards so that you instantly lose (at which point you will be executed.) The castle is much more forgiving on this count than the pirate ship is, however. If you stay in the fortress only during night hours and use the Visibili spell, you should not have any problems. Personally, I did not explore this area as thoroughly as some of the others, for a couple of reasons. First, the guards here are good guys, so I really couldn't take an interest in clearing the whole level. This quest was successfully presented as a covert rescue mission, so I was more interested in sneaking in and accomplishing my goal without inflicting many casualties. And second, this is a city castle, not an eerie dungeon, so most of the rooms are very boring anyway. Here are the interesting areas I found: 1) The torture chamber is important for plot reasons. I think it may be theoretically possible to free the captured magicians without visiting this room and seeing the cutscene, but it would make things very confusing and I wouldn't advise trying it. 2) Nearby the torture chamber, outside the judge's suite, there is one wall with seven holes in it that one of your characters plugs with some strange multicolored wax to prevent it from shooting crossbow bolts at the party. (?) The judge's bedroom has one "secret" section that you cannot access until you speak with the cook, even if you can see it for yourself when you first enter. 3) There is a tithing bowl in the castle chapel. As usual you can steal from it (lowering your favor with the gods) or tithe to it (raising your favor with the gods.) Neither has much effect to be honest. 4) There are possible encounters with many unimportant castle personnel: the healer, the chaplain, some servants. In all these cases you can just overpower them and leave them tied up in their rooms. 5) Although you need to speak to the cook, he will not appear in the kitchen until AFTER you find his stash of dress-up clothes under his bed (which is located in one of the rooms along the north wall of the castle.) 6) There is a bale of hay in a room near the cook's bedroom with spiders hidden inside it. In the same room, there is a barrel of tar and another barrel of red paint, which a character with high Curiosity may mistake for wine and taste. :-) The Underwater Area This section of the game is very heavy on the exposition (unnecessarily so in some cases.) Basically the nixie king says he will give you a glowstick you need to explore the Even Star wreck, but only if you do him a favor by finding out why some of the nixie kids are becoming violent juvenile delinquents and put a stop to it. Then there's a long digression about the king being able to sense that one of your characters is in love with some random nixie girl named Zorka, except you've never met Zorka before and the game doesn't even tell you which character is supposedly in love with her. It's all pretty confusing and you can basically ignore that part. At the end of this episode the nixie king will give your character a choice to abandon the party and stay behind with Zorka, but then you'd lose the character and all his stuff forever, and besides, why would anyone be in love with Zorka anyway? Interesting occurrences in the underwater zone include: 1) Any time you kill rebel nixies, you get an amusing message about Zorka flouncing over and giving the party an angry glare. That's because you're supposed to be sneaking around and freeing them from the evil influences, not slaughtering them all. :-) Any time you have a choice to hide or otherwise avoid combat, you are expected to take it. 2) There is one exception, where you see one of the nixie rebels tormenting a fish. In this case, you have to take the fish's side. Otherwise Zorka will interfere on the fish's behalf herself, and she may get killed. 3) There is an anenome which will grab and sting the lead character until the others can hack it to death. Short weapons like daggers and short swords are necessary for this job. 4) There is also a moray eel and a giant clam that can damage your party. It's better just to avoid them as they have nothing useful. 5) The Even Star is upside down at the bottom of the ocean, which makes it visually very interesting to explore. Nothing special is inside except for one gross encounter with a drowned body and the boss fight (which is a very long and frustrating one.) Then there's a stupid plot twist where the wand isn't in the chest at all, but all you have to do is go back to the nixie king and he'll give it to you. He was jerking you around the whole time, apparently, and for no intelligible reason, either. The Hive You are sent into the hive without any equipment at all, so you will have to gather some spines and sticks to fight with and beetle carapaces to use as armor. There is not very much of interest in this area, here's what I found: 1) You need the worm egg to progress in level 2. It's hard to get to the stairs without having the fight that gives you the egg, so you might not realize that's what it's for, but it is. :-) 2) On level two there are several illusions-- two deep pits and a wall of fire. But for some reason it is impossible to use the Dispel Illusion spell on them, so all you can do to reveal their true nature is step on them. 3) The bubbling pool filled with pink liquid is apparently insect pheromones or something like that. If one of your characters jumps in, it will improve his charisma but will also attract extra fights with worms. Charisma is not useful for anything and there are already quite enough fights with worms in this section, so I'd advise skipping it. 4) You MUST make one of the blowpipes into a flute. Ordinarily I would let you figure this kind of thing out for yourself, but if you don't do it before reaching the giant maze, you may need to go all the way back through it a second time to get the parts you need for a flute, and that would be too cruel and unusual punishment to inflict on anybody! 5) There is a strange interlude where you have to answer some scenarios with all wrong answers (the instructions are "think bad to be good," and basically you have to choose either an immoral or stupid response to whatever the scenario is-- it changes every time.) 6) There is a very long and boring maze to navigate. 7) And then, use the flute and enter the endgame fights! If you succeed, use the amulet to inform the magicians back at the headquarters. And that's it, you've won!