Star Trail Walkthrough by Lord Marcus Dracon

Exit the Temple of Peraine (you will receive information about your quest).

Exit "Lovely Meadow" Tavern.

Go to and spend a night at the "Rest" Inn.

Pack your bags and leave the city.


Take this route: south, southwest, south, south and continue along this route until you reach Gashok. Along the way, you may want to stop and aid the priestess. It will be a difficult fight, but the reward is well worth the effort.


Search the ruins of Artherion's Old Mill.

Ask Gerlanje, the herbalist, about the "Mill" and then "Artherion."

Leave the city to the northeast and commence marching.

When you come to the dirt path, follow it to the north. If you are lucky, you will reach Artherion on your first try. Tell him that you have come to avenge him, and you know what he must have gone through.

Return to the city and stay the night at the "All Roads" Inn.

Visit Gerlanje again and ask her about "foreigners" and "Valpor of Kuslik."

Find Valpor of Kuslik and ask him where you can find the honourable newcomers.

Find and kill Erholt of Tiefhusen.

Execute Deregorn of Thunderbrook and search his home for evidence.

Return to Artherion to be rewarded with two magical weapons.

Return to city once again.

Spend another night at the "All Roads" Inn.

Exit town to the South.


Commence marching south, east, northeast, south, south, southwest, southwest, west, southwest, southwest, west, and enter Finsterkoppen.


Split your party removing all Elves, Druids, and Witches.

Ask Inradon Xermosch at the Temple of Ingerimm about the Dwarven Pit three times (Get Rich Golden Key).

Climb down stairs to the Dwarven Pit.


Take Runish document from the skeleton and read it.

Pull the Asthenil Ring from brazier and equip it.

Climb up the shaft and take a look around (Get Double Bearded Key).

Get documents from chests.

Get torches and tinder box from pile of rusted tools.

Get a shovel, crowbar and chain from pile of junk.

Approach stone altar, and address character who appears to be in a trance.

Light torches near the relief of Ingerimm.

Go down stairs to level two.

Get crank and cart grease from chest.

Examine crank hole closely.

Answer Gnome's riddle "MOOSE" (Get Rich Silver Key).

If you need to reunite your party.

Go down to level 3.

Find the Big Copper Key.

Kill the skeleton and read parchment.

Grease and ride the Dump car, don't forget to bail out.

Pull the lever to close the pit.

Go down to level 4.

Get Stone Medallion from fight.

Give the wheel a spin.

Go down stairs to level 5.

Attempt to lift stone slab. When that gets tiring, try using the crowbar.

Get parchment and read it.

Take only the necessary amount of leather equipment from the chest and equip it.

Light a torch and hold it to the picture.

Wait to meet the Golem and pledge the Stone Medallion.

Pick up Ikoshedral Stone, otherwise known as the Salamander Stone from the chest. Don't be greedy trade your artifact for it.

Return all leather equipment to the chest.

Leave the Dwarven Pit through the main exit.

Return the Rich Golden key to the Temple of Ingerimm.

Reunite the entire party and leave the city.


Plan route: east, northeast, northwest, east, northeast, northeast, north, north and west. Once you reach the end of this route, commence marching south, west and west.

From New Lowangen commence marching south. Somewhere along the way you should split your party, leaving one or two characters to hold all your non-magical equipment. Since you will be passing and Orcish encampment to enter Lowangen, you won't be able to keep any items that are not magical.


Ask Dragan Escht about "Gavron" and agree to do him a favour.

Go to Vinsalter and tell him that Dragan sent you, and that it is important that he goes with you. He may need a day to think about it, but if you tell him your sorry situation, he'll go with you.

Take the Vinsalter to Dragan.

Ask Dragan Escht about "Gavron" and then about "travel". Once again you will have to agree to do him a favour to find out what you want to know.

Go to the "Orc Death" tavern and wait for Gavron. Attempt to follow him.

If you can't keep up with Gavron, reunite your party and go to the "White House" Inn.

While there, ask about "Ingramosch" and "A. Sevensprings".

Go to A. Sevensprings home and reclaim the Salamander Stone.

Go to the "Exhibition of Art and Craftsmanship" at night and break in to get the brooch.

Take the brooch and ask Dragan about "travel".

Go to Black Jandora and ask about the "secret exit".

Go to the "Castle of Grey Staves" and ask for Master Eolan. Be patient. Tell him you want to sweep the yard and then ask about the secret exit. You must agree to do what he asks, or you will be stuck in Lowangen. You should leave the Salamander Stone in Lowangen until you return (get key).


Commence marching northwest and then northeast. Reunite the party members you left outside the city, continue travelling and cross the river via the ferry.

Turn west and head into the swamps.


Offer to help the Lizard Men.

Kill the Engulfer.

Go back to talk to the Lizard men.

Go speak to the old woman.

Enter the Tower and tell the Fire Elemental any three of the following: life, help, protection, refuge, shield, indulgence, mercy, grace, benevolence, pity, assistance, cover, guarding, security, compassion, love or justice.

Get Crystal Ball and Noctrox Document. Read Document.

Attempt to give Crystal Ball to the witch.

Open chest and get the Swamp Rantzy Document and a net. Read the document.

Use net to capture Swamp Rantzy and take it with you.

Pull out the 18th heather plant.

Leave the Swamp to the Northeast.


Commence marching south, west, south, southeast, east, east, north, east and northeast.

At some point in this journey, you will want to change the Swamp Rantzy into Agdan.< You can do this by using the heather on the Swamp Rantzy.

Enter the ruins and use the secret passage again.

You've been reunited with your companions and can now leave the city feeling complete once again. Commence marching south. Give up the Salamander Stone once again to the group of mages.

Commence marching northwest, southwest, west, northwest, west, west, northwest, north, west, west, north, west, southeast and northwest.

Climb up the path and take a look inside the cave.


Open chest on western Level 1 to get the Copper and Cast Iron keys.

Take copper disk in eastern Level 1.

Go down stairs to Level 2.

Win battle in eastern Level 2 to get Pliers keys.

Open chest on eastern Level 2 to get Lynx Key.

Open chest with Pliers Key and get the three phials.

Get spear from shelves in western Level 2.

Move shelves in western Level 2 and use spear to open secret door.

Equip your front two characters with swords or an Obsidian dagger to cut through the spider webs.

Split your party, near the spider eggs, sending three people to destroy the eggs. Before destroying eggs, your characters will each drink the contents of a phial.

Go down the stairs in eastern Level 2 to Level 3.

Exit Blood Peaks via the eastern exit.


Commence marching: southeast, east, southeast, east, southeast, north, northeast, north and north.

Plan route north, cross at the fjord, and continue along route to Tiefhusen.


Visit a tavern and bribe Jandor into telling you about the Star Trail by buying him a few drinks.

Go to speak with Hensger.

After you pay him the money he wants, you must wait until morning to be taken to the Phex Dungeon. Be sure you have least 80 ducats before you enter the dungeon.


Answer "night" to the riddle plaque.

Match up the three foxes at the puzzle plaque.

Approach the sign and do battle to receive the Blue key.

Donate 80 ducats to the altar.

Listen to what the priests have to say and feel free to assassinate the traitors.

Leave the dungeon and exit the city to the north.


Commence marching north to Norhus, then head west to Tjolmar.

Enter the city and go to Ingramosch's house.


Read the document you received from the first encounter.

Pull the branches in the three locations on the eastern Level 1.

Get the Flame key from the tree in eastern Level 1.

Pull the hooks inside the wall in western Level 1.

Split your party and sen one person to push the gate back up into the ceiling.

Reunite party and exit the caged-in room.

Cast "Melt Solid" to free Helen.

Take the second Flame key from the fountain.

Walk through wall to find the Black Statuette.

Go down stairs to Level 2.

Search shelving in the east more than once to find the Bronze key.

Fight for the 1st piece of the Amulet. (Don't dilly dally now as the Amulet pieces disappear if you don't hurry, save the game as you find each piece).

Fight for the 2nd piece.

Fight for the 3rd piece.

Fight for the 4th piece.

With all 4 pieces you can now go through the secret door.

Go down stairs to Level 3.

<[>Get the cult document from the western Level 3.

Do the combination lock with any one of the four following combinations 1325, 1725, 2325, 2725.

Go through the wall to the east.

The answer to the name riddle is "Arkandor".

Get the Dragon Claw on the final level.

Fight Dragon

Go up stairs to win game.