Of Tatzelworms or stinking dragons: In any kind of cave you might find these terribilities, which length may well be up to 4 steps, which skin is the color of disgusting, squamatic greyish brown and which are living on 6 legs like spiders. The have sharp claws and sharp teeth and they eat even more than any kind of rat . So it is a big advantage that you smell them miles against the wind direction, so that you can avoid them if you like.

Tatzelworms in Game

Tatzelworms are related to the dragons, but they are not able to fly or spit fire. They live in mountainous areas, even in civilized ones and they do not travel a lot. Sometimes, however, they are assembling goods, but nearly always without value. They are not intelligent and every human being may easily avoid them. But if they are insulted, than they will chase their victims a few days.

Elves cannot fight against a Tatzelworm, their smell makes them dizzy and they have to stay away from them.

CO: 20 AT: 10/6/8* PA: 5
LE: 50 RP: 4
HP: 1D6 (claws), 2D6 (bite), 1D6+3 (tail)
MS: 5 Sta: 90 MR: 6
CM: 40

* The first attack value is for claws, the second for bite and the last for the tail of the monster. The Tazelworm has got two attacks per fighting turn (2 AT/FT).

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