The Tomb under Boron Field

30 01) You enter the tomb via the stairs and leave it the same way (24) 02) A chest containing various herbs 03) A chest with potions and poisons 04) The content of this chest is interesting for alchemists especially 05) This room is guarded by a golem 06) Here you find the body of the real servant 07) Three level 18 skeleton warriors will badger you here 08) Four mummies deliver a battle 09) This room is guarded by a golem, too 10) Four ghouls stay here 11) Here are three zombies 12) Five skeletons attack you here 13) Chest: anti-disease elixir, antidote 14) You find the death mask here 15) If you step on the pentagram your leader is hypnotized and loses LP. Afterwards, the candles are doused. Never step alone on it else nobody would be there to pull you back 16) Chest: alchemy set, glass flask 17) Another chest containing herbs 18) You find a recipe for antihypnoticum on the table. You may produce a ball of antihypnoticum out of the green mass left in the crucible 19) This chest holds several helpful items. Of these, take the pliers and the black key with you by all means. Take a look at the pieces of silver jewelry, as one of these is magical 20) This bookcase contains a recipe book and a Feylamia document, if a test on perception is passed. Save your game! Afterwards, the rest can be burnt 21) The druid's wardrobe 22) You may only get along here if you have the pliers and the black key with you (see 19). The Praios amulet protects from sinister creatures. Simply pass through the illusionary wall thereafter 23) You may pick up the four Praios amulets on the sarcophagus too Translation by Peridor

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