Toranor Tower - Level 2

41 01) Fight against a skeleton warrior. Pick up the diamonds! 02) Chest: skull girdle, magic potion, code document, elixir of CR, shurin bulb poison and a magical sword (AT +2) 03) Fight against one skeleton warrior and 6 skeletons. Confronting these enemies, the hero with the highest NE might flee. The probability decreases with each fight. Pick up the diamonds again! 04) Skeleton warrior, 5 skeletons, mummy. Do not forget the diamonds! 05) Dog statue: its destruction earns 100 EP per head. Casting "(Dispell) Transformation" earns 400 EP for the spellcaster and 100 EP for the rest 06) Skeleton warrior and 8 skeletons, pick up the diamonds! 07) Dog's head door: red and yellow diamond necessary 08) Dog's head door: blue and green diamond necessary 09) Dog statue: see 5 10) Dog's head door: red and blue diamond necessary 11) Dog statue: see 5 12) Dog statue: see 5 13) Mortuary: Fight against 5 zombies. The hero endowed with the highest NE might flee. In any case, one hero gets overpowered by the horrible stench and drops back 14) Dog statue: type in "Blood washes Fire cleans". Plenty of valuable loot! 15) Circular stairs leading to level 3 of the tower Translation by Peridor

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