Toranor Tower Swamp

38 01) You begin the quest of the Magician's Tower at this point 02) Borbarad mosquitos: stealing of LP & EP, better avoid them 03) Boiling spring: loss of footwear 04) Bogs: loss of LP, equipment or a single hero 05) You may swim out to the sea here. In case of a successful test on "Swim" nothing happens otherwise you lose LP 06) Twelve swamp rantzies await you here 07) The estate's main entrance is locked 08) 2-3 swamp rantzies guard the side entrance 09) You leave the estate here. In order to avoid the Borbarad mosquitos, cast Transversalis to reach the landing stage, where Haffel picks you up. Of course, you may also go back the same way Translation by Peridor

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