Fairy World

Arkania Online - Fairy World
Fairy World

In the heart of enchanted woods so deep,
Where secrets of nature their promises keep,
Lived a dryad, ethereal and fair,
With flowing locks and an enchanting stare.

A creature of beauty, a nymph divine,
She bewitched the hearts with a mystical sign.
Her voice, like whispers of the forest breeze,
Entranced all who heard, brought them to their knees.

With a gaze so captivating, her eyes of emerald green,
She lured unsuspecting souls into a dream.
Her laughter echoed through the moonlit glade,
As she led them to a realm of eternal shade.

Men would venture into the fairy world's gate,
Mesmerized by her charm, they sealed their fate.
They wandered through the realms, lost in her grace,
Forever entangled in her captivating embrace.

Oh, the dryad's dance, so enchanting and sweet,
It captivated the senses, made mortals complete.
But little did they know, as they followed her trail,
They would never return, forever trapped in her veil.

She wove her spells, a tapestry of illusion,
Binding their souls to the fairy's seclusion.
With each passing day, their humanity faded,
Lost in a realm where time slowly evaded.

She reveled in their longing, their desperate pleas,
As they yearned for freedom beneath the ancient trees.
For the dryad, a sorceress of eternal desire,
Fed on their essence, their souls, she would acquire.

Beware, wanderers, of the dryad's spell,
Her beauty, a trap where mortals often fell.
Though she may appear as a dream to behold,
Her realm is a prison, where souls grow old.

So, heed the warning, brave souls who dare,
To venture where the dryad's enchantments ensnare.
For her beauty may tempt, but her intentions are clear,
To keep men forever in her fairy world sphere.

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