North Expedition

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North Expedition

The most numerous of the northern tribes, as well as the ones who gave the lands their unofficial name are the Nivesians. They are the most common sight in the north when it comes to civilized societies and their tribes can be found throughout its entirety. They are nomads, rarely staying in one place for long and their tribes don’t have any fixed settlements or cities. During the summer, they live roam the northern plains, whereas they travel to the southern regions of the Nivesian Lands in the winter. They live in coexistence with the nature around them, never taking more than they need and using everything from the trees and animals they chop down and kill.

Often red-haired and with tanned skin, the Nivesians have a striking appearance and can easily be recognized. They have a shamanistic culture and a special affinity towards wolves, whom they believe to be sacred. Indeed, their gods are giant sky wolves, whom southern scholars often consider to be servants of the gods, even if their actual place in the divine pantheon is highly debated. The sky wolves are a pack of a dozen creatures, gathered around Gorfang and his consort Greymane and even though there are few confirmed sightings of their divine intervention, the Nivesian shamans receive powers from them. The sky wolves protect the Nivesians and in return, they worship them and the wolves in general. Nivesian shamans are highly respected by their tribes and when they speak, everyone listens, even the tribe chiefs.

Nivesians are known to be peaceful and hospitable, freely sharing what little wealth they have with travelers. Those who accept their beliefs and respect their customs have found them to be friendly and true to their woflish companions, they believe that strength comes to those who work in a pack, especially in the unforgiving northern wastes. As such, Nivesians rarely get into a fight, knowing that bloodshed is usually senseless. Conflict is settled by the shamans, or, at most, in ritual duels. This peaceful society has indeed given the Nivesians strength and they are the most numerous of the northern people in return. No one should consider them to be weak, however. Experts in surviving in the cold, they are also highly skilled hunters and experts in fighting with spears. They know how to defend themselves and Nivesian warriors are always ready to punish those who seek to harm their tribes, or who do not respect their customs.

Many Nivesians are also curious, as exploration is encouraged by their shamans. It is not unusual that young Nivesians who belong to larger tribes, leave for years, to journey through the southern lands. This has the purpose to support their tribe by having less mouths to feed for a while, while also giving the Nivesian wanderer new skills and experiences, which they can use to permanently support their tribe. As such, Nivesians are known to every southern civilization, even if they remain a rare sight.

Rarely, a Nivesian has a condition known as the Wolf Blood. Such Nivesians have a particularly strong affinity to wolves, as well as physical traits that resemble them, such as sharper teeth, yellow eyes or fur. They can also occasionally outright transform into a wolf, though they remain in complete control of themselves during the transformation. They are not cursed werewolves by any means and are considered sacreds by the shamans of the Nivesians, as envoys between the Nivesian tribes and the sky wolves. Many Nivesians with Wolf Blood become shamans themselves, or respected advisers.

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