Hagebar, son of Haralda

Hagebar, son of Haralda

Class: Male, Dwarf, Hunter

Tolerance: 4

Hoi, hoi! Stand and show me your faces!
Hagebar, son of Haralda

"Hoi, hoi," you hear a sudden growl from within a bush on the wayside. "Stand and show me your faces!" There's some crackling and scrambling, then a stout, heavy-set dwarf of almost seven-and-a-half spans high appears. One he is standing in front of you, he lowers his crossbow.

Ingra's Blessing! Put away your weapons, please. You are not orc folk, thus you have nothing to fear. But you cannot know that beforehand, and my eyes aren't as sharp as they used to be four hundred years ago.








Very friendly folk, as long as you are friendly to them. But you should have some care, cause they are mighty pious up there on the mountain. It’s easy to find; just keep true north.


So you’re totally off path here. They went from Yrramis to the west, not to the east.

I already told you: To the west. They seemed to be in a hurry; I don’t believe you can catch them up.

Would you like a smoke, too? No, better not. I've been standing around jabbering for too long already while the orcs escape by the dozens. Good hunting to you!

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