The Vinsalter

The Vinsalter

Class: Male, Human, Rogue, Scholar


You turn to go, getting no answer to your knocks. Just then a white-haired man slowly opens the door:


“We are looking for lodging.”

“No, no, I’m sorry, but I cannot help you with that. Is there anything else you would like from me?”

“No, not really.”

“Hmm, well, farewell then.”

“Could you translate a piece of writing for us?”

“Why, certainly. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find anyone in Lowangen who could do a better job than me. But, it will cost you at least one gold piece.”

“One gold piece? No, thank you. That’s too much.”

“I do hope that will be of help to you. Well then, I must leave you now. I am in the middle of an important translation from Old Rogolan. Fare thee well.”

“Okay - here’s your Ducat now.”

“No one can translate that for you. Here is your gold piece back and fare thee well on your further travels.”

“Dragan has sent us. We are supposed to take you to see him.”

“Ha! And why in the name of the Gods should I want to visit Dragan of all people?! That scoundrel is of no interest to me.”

“We’d pay you to do it. 10 gold Ducats.”

“Just who do you think you are talking to?!”

The door slams shut with a loud bang. You appear to have thoroughly enraged the old gent - well, maybe he’ll be in a better mood tomorrow. Let’s come back then…

“It is important to us.”

“That is of no particular importance to me. In any case, I do not want anything to do with that Dragan. Farewell.”

Without waiting for your answer, the white-haired man shuts the door.

“And why exactly is that so important for you, if you’ll allow the question?”

“No, we don’t allow that question.”

“It is none of your business whether I go to see Dragan or not! Get lost!”

With a reverberating bang, the door slams shut in your faces. You seem to have made the old man quite angry - well, maybe he’ll be more pleasant if you come back tomorrow…

You explain your sorry situation.

“All right, I’ll come along for your sake, but I hope that Dragan doesn’t harbor any illusions about me doing any favors for him!”

Which character wants to have a document translated?

“The orc scum is now besieging Lowangen. But they have overlooked one exit. Find it and you will be able to leave the besieged town of war without harm.”

“One pit of many layers depth: There lies the hatred of Orcs against mankind in wait. Any who want to escape this pit will have to control themselves and their bodies well. Each unnecessary sound can turn all the guards against you at once and seal your fate. But with true care and stealth, a success will be easily accomplished.”

While [Name] is eagerly making notes, the Vinsalter presents his translation: [TRANSLATION].

We had the Vinsalter to translate a document for us:
“[TRANSLATION]” reads the translation.

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