Position: Bouncer in Rorkvell tavern

Class: Male, Orc

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Ugurkan is an orc bouncer in the tavern "Under the Hammer of Graptaar". He is not just an orc, but very special. He has a strong bond with his clan's shaman, such that he can even communicate with him in his dreams. It was the shaman who told him to go to this tavern and become a bouncer. On a prophetic tip, Ugurcan easily found a tavern, got a job as a bouncer and began to learn the human (Garethi) language from a local healer and became adept at it so that he didn’t even have an accent left. If you do not look at his orcish appearance, then simply by speech it is impossible to recognize him as an orc. Ugurcan is patient and rational, it is difficult to provoke him into a conflict. The guests of the tavern are used to it, but new visitors always look with suspicion. Especially strongly Ugurcan became friends with the peddler Alvinia, because they not only worked in the same tavern, but also learned to read and write from the same teacher.

Shortly before the game events, the shaman again appeared to Ugurcan in his dreams and said that a great evil would soon awaken here, which must be prevented. Ugurcan does not know what exactly the shaman means, but he heard that the owner Ogdan is engaged in black magic, so Ugurkan began to closely follow Ogdan. Ogdan has a too low opinion of orc intelligence, so Ugurcan's suspiciousness does not notice.

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