Arkania Online Items - Blutblatt
Alternative names: Grace bush

Distribution: rather rare in places with weak astral penetration

Search Difficulty: –1

Determination difficulty: –1

Effect: Raw Touch: for magicians: feeds on the radiating astral energy. As long as there is direct contact with the body and the magician has AsP, the plant has an indefinite shelf life. The magician loses 1 AsP every day due to continued contact.

Price: 3-7 S

Recipes: Herbal aids: Blood leaf can be used as “particularly suitable equipment” in rituals, but the cost of 50 S must still be incurred (see rules page 260), blood leaf wreath

Everyday medicines and folk customs: Indicator of witchcraft curses, domination magic, demonic possession, etc. in profane people. Auxiliary and “cure” of the Inquisition, which uses blood leaf wreaths to hunt demon bundlers: The suspect is tied up with the plant and thrown into a body of water. If she reappears immediately because the vine withers instantly, she is a demon bundler. If the suspect has to free herself from the tendril and swims to the shore half-dead, she is innocent. Also known in popular belief as the bush of mercy, it is said to be able to spontaneously cure magicians of their “Mada curse”.

Processed: Bloodleaf only has an effect when raw, living. The plant requires no roots to survive, only a weak astral source and undamaged foliage and stems.