Exotic and Allegorical Ingredients Pricelist

All prices are listed per stone, unless otherwise stated.

SubstanceAlicornAlicornmin. 300 D per piece
SubstanceAlpruteAlp Lichen3 H
SubstanceAmbraAmbergris4-15 S
SubstanceArchenharzArk Resin5 S
SubstanceBärenklauHogweed3 H per 8 ml
SubstanceBasiliskenteilBasilisk Fragmentmin. 10 D
SubstanceElfenbeinIvory4 S (for Tulamides up to 1 D)
SubstanceEulengewölleOwl Droppings12 H per piece
SubstanceFeuerschlickFire Slime1 S
SubstanceGalleBile5 H
SubstanceGallensteinBile Stone1 S per piece
SubstanceHexenbesenWitch’s Broom2 S per piece
SubstanceIrrhalkenkotIrrhalk Droppings7 S
SubstanceIrrkrautIrrweed12 H per piece
SubstanceKekeyatonbaKekeyatonba5 D per 8 ml
SubstanceMannaManna3 S
SubstanceMyridaniumMyridanium200 D
SubstanceNachtschattenNightshade9 H per 8 ml
SubstancePerlePearl7 S per carat
SubstancePerlmuttMother of Pearl2 S
SubstanceSordulsapfelSordul Apple3 S per piece
SubstanceTabaschirTabaschir12 S
SubstanceTheriakTheriakmin. 160 D per 250 ml
SubstanceTotennüsseDeadnuts7 H
SubstanceVampirblutVampire Blood2 S per 8 ml
SubstanceWeiselfuttersaftRoyal Jelly15 D per 8 ml
SubstanceWermutWormwood8 H per 8 ml
SubstanceWolfsmilchMilkweed4 H per 8 ml
SubstanceZyklopenaugeCyclop’s Eyemin. 100 D per piece