Realms of Arkania Online
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Help identify items!

spielleiterin spielleiterin says:

Please help identify the following items. We have extracted them from the game DAT files, however, we have never found them in game and have no idea what they are. If you know anything about any of the items, please leave a post below!

spielleiterin spielleiterin says:

Star Trail (Sterneneschweif)

Throwing Star ID 18
Hint: a throwing weapon of some kind.

Potion ID 60
Hint: a potion or a poison.

Recorder ID 159
Probably a recorder, yet white.

Bone with Rune ID 160
Could be Bone with Rune from RoA1?

Golden Lamp ID 161
Looks like a golden teapot or a jeannie lamp.

Bag ID 169
A white bag with golden pattern? No, no idea.

Blue Sword ID 170
A sword with a blue blade. Have never found it while gameplay.

Black Ring ID 183
Black ring with a purple stone.

Lynx Ear ID 186
Obviously a lynx's ear. What is it for?

Orc Axe ID 208
A huge axe. Probably of orcish manufacture, since it was found between other orcish weapons.

Armband ID 213
A black wristband with a purple glow.

Crystal Ball ID 218
Looks like a regular crystal ball. However this one has a glow around it.

spielleiterin spielleiterin says:

Shadows over Riva
(Schatten ├╝ber Riva)

Sword ID 316
Another unknown sword.

Golden Helmet ID 317
A golden helmet. Where can it be found and what is special about it?

Drakon Drakon says:

The DSA community around "Crystals DSA Foren" has been analizing much of the Arkania code. Obiously those items never got used by the game (code) itself.

Anton Anton says:

159 is a recorder that can be imported from DSA1
160 is bone with rune that can be imported from DSA1
170 can be found in Finsterkoppen Pit if you don't have dwarves in your party
208 is Byakka from the Blood Pits

Anton Anton says:

P.S.: some of the items are available in the English version only.
A couple of character portraits are also different in English and German version.
As well as music - you can easily compare it by watching Let's Plays.

Anton Anton says:

I am sorry, I was wrong about item #170. Confused it with another sword.
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