Bride of the Winds: First lower deck

45 01) This ladder leads to the second lower deck 02) The upper deck can be reached via this ladder 03) You may run into an Arkanian here 04) If you already damaged the rudder contraption (see 17) you get into trouble with 3 sailors here 05) Chest: you find a key, which is necessary to open the door at 8 06) You find knives, fish, table ware and a copper cauldron on the table 07) Knife, 8 ration packages, 30 sets of cutlery, 3 copper cauldrons and 2 olginroots 08) This door can only be opened with the key found at 5 09) Chest: 60 brandy bottles, 90 wine bottles 10) Chest: 80 ration packages (strong), 27x fish, 60 bonbons, 9x licorice, 2 atmon blossoms and 10 gulmond leaves 11) The barrel contains fresh water. Drinking thereof is uncritical 12) Chest: 84x fish, 332 ration packages 13) Chest: 330 ration packages 14) Chest: 367 ration packages 15) You meet 3 sailors in the rudder room, in case the rudder contraption has been damaged already 16) A box containing 3 chains 17) Here you find the rudder contraption, whose destruction is vital in order to escape from the ship successfully. Clip the ropes using sharp items or weapons (a sabre will do for example) 18) 1 dwarven veteran and 7 sailors await you in the gun room 19) Chest: among other things you find a heavy dagger and some money 20) 5 ilmen leaves should be the most interesting to be discovered in this chest 21) Besides crossbows and bolts you find 8x Hylailian Fire here 22) Chest: various junk plus silver mace, dolphin amulet, recipe for Hylailian Fire, 1 ring armour and more than 15 ducats 23) This chest is rather worthless for you 24) This ladder leads to the second lower deck 25) If you baste the hobgoblin he punishes you with seasickness. Answer his questions and as a reward you will receive a super healing potion, a strong magic potion and apart from that half an hour more time to explore the ship. The correct answers are "NOSE", "SPONGE" and "SEA FAIRY". This earns 1500 EP and 15 game points 26) 6 marines stay in here. To receive game points you have to lure them out, seduce them and afterwards fight them (increased EP gain due to first encounter) 27) There are 45 cutlasses on the rack 28) You find 24 sabres on the rack 29) 30 quilt armours lie in this box 30) You find 40 pot helmets in this box 31) This ascent leads to the upper deck. However you are caught thereby and keelhauled afterwards. Game over... 32) You may leave the ship via this ladder Translation by Peridor

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