Pirate cave on Manrek island

Between Manrin and Brendil 73 01) Entrance and exit of the pirates' cave 02) Chest: dagger, brandy bottle, shirt, silver jewelry, 2D 3S 03) Chest: skraja, silver jewelry, wine bottle, pants, winter coat, healing potion, 6D 8S 04) Chest: empty 05) Chest: 3 brandy bottles, dagger, healing potion, 4D 4S 06) Chest: 50 rations 07) Chest: 21 rations 08) Chest: 5 sabres, 5 cutlasses, sword, 2 skrajas, orc hook 09) Chest: 2 short bows, 5 spears, crossbow, 200 arrows, 50 bolts 10) Chest: wine bottle, dagger, sea chart, 20D 11) Chest: healing potion, elixir of WD, alchemy set, recipe for hylailic fire, sword 12) Chest: 4x gold jewelry, 6x silver jewelry, 2 robes, 100D 13) Chest: quill, scroll, wine bottle, magic potion, praises 14) Chest: crowbar, hoe, shovel, 2 hatchets 15) Chest: 4 ropes, 4 hammers, 20 climbing hooks, hatchet 16) A secret door 17) See 16 18) See 16 19) A trap 20) Another trap 21) You may drink from these water barrels without worries 22) Lever: choose position 3 to unlock the secret door at 18. Depending on the lever's position the remaining secret doors will be unlocked 23) A pirate is waiting on the watch platform 24) Statue of Swafnir: donate a net or a trident by dropping it on location. Doing so deactivates the trap at 19 whereas the trap at 20 is activated. In case you do not donate anything, 19 is active and 20 is inactive 25) This room contains various nautical items which are of no further interest to you 26) You should leave the boats alone. If the heroes ascend them, they will get lost in a maelstrom and are drowned (death-trap -> Game Over!) Annotation: after successful battles against the pirates in the room with the statue of Swafnir and the adjoining room to the North, an iron key falls into your hands each time. These were thought to open the chests containing the sea chart and the praises probably. In Blade of Destiny, you may open the chests without them however. Translation done by Peridor

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