Bride of the Winds: Second lower deck

44 01) Here you will encounter an Arkanian possibly 02) There are 320 ropes here 03) The heavy ropes cannot be taken along 04) Striding this door you run into Yann, the shipboy. Let him join your party and you receive the complete automap, as he knows this place well 05) Through the rotten wall you may reach the adjoining room 06) An Adventurer may stay here. His attitude is not very companionate however 07) You recover your equipment in this chest. Besides several hundred ducats 08) Lots of blankets are piled up here 09) Chest: sailor pants and sailor shirts, 30 each time 10) Chest: 90 cudgels 11) If you leave this room you run into Yann, too 12) Fight against the ship's carpenter (Arkanian), in case he is not asleep 13) You may encounter one of the carpenter's colleagues here 14) Chest: 20x oil 15) Here you find a rope ladder 16) Chest: 20 lanterns 17) Chest: 2 crowbars, 4 hammers and 1 lock pick 18) Scrabbling this chest, you may hurt yourself on a needle. Besides losing 1 LP there is nothing here 19) 2 nets can be found here 20) Chest: sailor shirt, sailor pants, leather harness, shoes, 3 dried loneberries, an SN-amulet and a craftsman's license 21) You may run into a sailor here 22) 18 sailors await you in the crew quarters 23) See 21 24) Chest: sailor clothing, water skin, blankets, 2 sets of cutlery, 2 ration packages and 3S 25) Chest: sailor pants, water skin, cutlery and 1 knife 26) Another sailor chest containing nothing special 27) This ladder leads to the first lower deck 28) Chest: Besides some other items you find a healing potion and a deposit receipt, which can be exchanged with a special inhabitant back in Riva 29) See 26 30) See 26 31) See 26 32) See 26 33) See 26 34) Chest: besides several ordinary sailor items you find gold jewelry and a born thorn 35) See 26 36) Chest: the magical water skin stowed here (among other things) should be of interest, in case you have not already nailed down the one hidden in the Finsterkoppen Dwarven Pit (see „Star Trail") 37) See 26 38) See 26 39) See 26 40) Another ladder leading to the first lower deck 41) Ship's mess: 10 sailors are at dinner. The fight may be avoided if they are asleep 42) Chest: 25 sets of table ware 43) See 42 44) The barrel contains fresh, drinkable water 45) Chest: in addition to several items you find a boatswain's license, which is worthless for you however 46) Chest: you find an elixir of WD alongside several ordinary items 47) Chest: amongst other things you find 8 thonnys 48) If your leader is endowed with a fine perception skill he may discover a little treasure beneath the planks. Loot: jewels, gold jewelry, 3 pieces of silver jewelry and more than 37 ducats 49) See 26 50) Chest: toad skin, 2 quilt armours, sword, 2 cutlasses, 3 pairs of boots and more than 12 ducats 51) Cabinet: pot helmet, chain greaves and 2 shields 52) Chest: 3x Hylailian Fire, 8 oils, 4 brandy bottles, 12x licorice, 2 elixirs of WD, alchemy set, shoes, recipe for Hylailian Fire and Expurgicum plus more than 4 ducats Translation by Peridor

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