New Sewers

35 01) Here you meet Xebbert Duerbann, the rat-catcher 02) A rat-eating monster, which runs away. After this encounter you have to leave the sewers, so that the plot may continue 03) After you heard of Ariana's murder, you will meet Mandara here, who teams up with you. For your protection, you may put on the praios amulets found in the tomb under Boron's field, which is optional however. Whereas for lone fighters, this is a must 04) A secret passage 05) You may only discover the guild's headquarters with the assistance of Mandara. Afterwards, you are taken back to town 06) A hero endowed with a high perception skill discovers the sarcophagus located in the crypt at Boron's field. Its bottom has been broken open 07) If you tamper with the trellis you have to face a group of guards carrying (among other things) a girdle of Might. However, you must have found the guild's headquarters before 08) Between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. you discover a secret pirate-hideout at this point. If you have already seen dead pirates in town (as a result of the guild's actions), this is no longer possible 09) The opening mechanism of the pirates' hideout is located here 10) A chest containing the pirates' plunder 11) A fight against the pirates will take place here if you took something out of their chest. They are experienced combatants without exception! Beware of the enemy mage, who likes to make use of fairly destructive combat spells (level 14!) 12) If you found a secret entrance during the exploration of Ariana's house, you may leave the sewers here 13) Another secret passage leading out of the sewers 14) You get to the Holberkian settlement via this exit 15) This exit leads to the rat-catcher's home near the bridge 16) Leaving the sewers here leads you to the market place directly 17) This exit leads to the North Gate within Riva 18) You depart the sewers near the temples of Rahja and Tsa (South Gate) 19) This exit is situated in the proximity of the temple of Travia 20) You may enter the old sewers here. However, not before Tarik informed you, you are charged with murder Translation by Peridor

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