Bride of the Winds: Upper deck

46 01) An Arkanian may cross your path here 02) In case you destroyed the rudder contraption before, 3 sailors attack you here. If you choose to stay longer additional sailors join the scene 03) Yann will warn you of entering this room, but you may enter it without worrying 04) Chest: magical unbreakable two-handed sword, scale armour, plate greaves, silver helmet, elixir of CR and more than 14 ducats 05) Chest: Tuzakian, golden shield, robe, Expurgicum and more than 23 ducats 06) Chest: sabre, chain greaves, shoes, winter coat and more than 3 ducats 07) Chest: sabre, chain greaves, shoes, double khunchomer, oilskin and some money 08) Chest: sabre, chain greaves, shoes, red amulet, lute and more than 8 ducats 09) Cabinet: 40 grappling hooks 10) Box: 1 lock pick 11) Box: 30 shields 12) Cabinet: 90 cutlasses 13) Cabinet: 200 belaying pins 14) Skipper's cabin: If you do not leave this room immediately you are executed. However, you may return later to explore it safely 15) Chest: lots of jewelry, green coins, green amulet and more than 118 ducats 16) Chest: khunchomer, seal slayer, double fleurs, robe, shoes, oilskin and more than 13 ducats 17) You may escape from the ship via this window. Jump into the water in order to reach the lifeboat. If you climb up you will meet a certain death 18) Cabin of the ship's magician: worth a look 19) This chest can only be opened with a "Foramen" spell. Each try costs 60 AP! Inside you find lots of herbs and potions 20) Only a four-leaved loneberry opens this chest. If you do not have one search Yann's baggage. The content is made up of many herbs 21) Secretary: 3 recipes for strong healing potion, antidote and healing potion. Consider the recipe book found at Boron's field already contains two of these recipes. Besides several glass and bronze flasks you find 20 brandy bottles and 2x writing utensils 22) Shelf: 40 brandy and wine bottles, 16 drinking horns 23) Shelf: 16 sets of table ware and cutlery, 30x licorice 24) This magical secured door cannot be opened. Each try brings about a heavy blow, which may be deadly Translation by Peridor

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