Dwarven Mine - Level 1

32 01) You enter/leave the mine here 02) Three war ogres and one orc veteran block your way 03) You find a battle axe, whose AT/PA-modifiers differ from the commercial version 04) Only a dwarf is able to pull out the sledgehammer. If a test on DX fails the concerned hero may catch traumatic fever. Each try to get the sledgehammer results in a loss of 1 point CH for two days 05) On the shelf you find several throwing stars and a goupillon 06) A group of sleeping orcs, who are reinforced after a certain time 07) If you decided to sneak by, a fight will develop at this point in case the tests failed 08) A dead dwarf in a water barrel. You get the key in his mouth if your heroes pass a test on WD. Apart from this, the skill „Carouse" is tested, which in case of a failure may cause one hero to get sick and throw up reducing his strength and charisma 09) 4 joruga roots are left on this shelf 10) Several rations of fish 11) Dead orcs lie in front of the barrels. You can relieve them of their last money 12) Drinking from the water barrels involves a certain risk of catching Numbskull 13) This chest can be opened with the key obtained from the dead dwarf. It contains a cross spanner, which allows you to shift the shelf at 15 14) Read the books on the right shelf first, as the game may get stuck otherwise. If you pass a test on "Reading" a skill is increased according to the book's title 15) Put the cross spanner in here 16) You find the dead Radomil in his back room, sitting on a chair. Examine him, for he carries about 70 ducats 17) A document lies on the table, providing further details 18) The chest contains several notes, which you may try to piece together. Your leader has to take tests on self control. In case of a failure, he loses favour with Ingerimm and Boron 19) A diary lies on the table, listing the daily events taken place in the mine 20) Another document gives information about the disappointing profits of the mine 21) The chest is endued with a hidden safe. You have only one try in order to open it. Put the hero with the highest DX, perception and lock picking skill in front. In case of success you will find a golden wristband and the tenobaal bolts, which can be shooted from a heavy crossbow only. Normal crossbows won't do the trick 22) There is a piece of gold jewelry on the loft bed 23) You find a strong healing potion on the loft bed 24) A group of sleeping orcs. If you overwhelm the first you may interrogate him after the fight. Test on "Tongues"! 25) There is a slightly dented pot helm on the shelf 26) Search the loft bed for a red amulet 27) This loft bed holds a brandy bottle 28) Another discovery: elixir of ST 29) You find several ducats here. The amount may change from time to time, mostly between 2 and 4 30) You have to crawl through a collapsed passage here. At the end of the path you are attacked by three orcs 31) You may get back the same way 32) The end of the passage leads to level 2 of the mine Translation by Peridor

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