Stamina is the value for the physical power rating of a hero. It is very important, when the hero wants to perform an exhausting task especially long-lasting ones, i.e swimming or long-distance runs.

Further more stamina is an important criteria to survive a dangerous disease. You determine the stamina of your hero by adding the Life Energy to his/her STRENGTH:


If, during the course of an adventure chronicle, life energy reduces, so stamina will reduce itself, too. A wounded hero is not the donkey to put the heavy weight on.

Weight and Load Capacity

During the game heroes (or their players) tend to overestimate their load capacity by far. They will find so many items and you never know if you can use them once in a while. So everything is loaded on the hurting back of the lonely adventurer: broken knifes, legs of chairs, dead frogs, rusty anvils... In the beginning of a role-playing career there is, however, a humoristic approach to that lust to assemble just everything and nobody wants your heroes to leave it aside, but delving deep down into the "real" role-playing stuff you will find it quite unlikely that heroes should carry around nearly everything. Then it is time to calculate how much they really can carry. (This is, by the way, a good way to keep the group together, since every hero will carry an important item.) It is often enough to caution the heroes like that and they will be far more realistic in the following parts of your chronicle. If they really stick to their goods you should really apply these rules.

Add the weight of clothes, armour, weapons, money and every single item of the equipment, that the hero carries. You will get the load of the hero. Now calculate the load capacity by multiplying STRENGTH with 50. The capacity-value resulting from this small calculation gives you the weight in ounces that the hero is capable of carrying with her without being some sort of obstacle. If the load is bigger than the load capacity, she needs breaks during his movement and these breaks will be more frequent when the load gets heavier.

A rule of thumb could be: Is the load twice the capacity, the hero has to put down her load for one minute after walking the number of steps equal to her Stamina value. So a hero with Stamina 40 has to put down the load every 40th step.

To determine a maximum of load is difficult, since human beings are able to raise enormous amounts of mass for short times. So the gamemaster has to decide intuitively following his own experiences. Power investing should better be handled by test on the hero's STRENGTH than by this exclusive capacity rule.

Examples for capacities of pack animals:
  • Horse, Camel, Mule: 4000 ounces
  • Donkey: 3000 ounces
  • Dog (Bornlander): 600 ounces

Remember: animals can also carry huger amounts of weights for short times.

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