A moon of the god's run (a year) is devoted to each of the arkanian gods of the Twelve, every god (a short description can be found in the chapter about the Realms of Arkania) uses his or her moon to control the new born spirits and give them special powers. So the birth date is of particular interest for the hero. You can determine it yourself but you should rather pray on the powers of destiny. In that case you may roll the D20 again and may Phex be with you. A first roll gives you the day of the moon (month) which is to be rolled in further detail by rolling a D6. And the next roll on the D20 gives you the moon. As you would expect the birth dates approximately 9 months after the dark winter are featured moreoften than others and the month Phex is thrown more often than others because it is exactly 9 months after the moon of the goddess of love Rahja.

The day of birth is not of the same interest as the moon but for the sake of destiny, let the rules be your guidance.

Note: The Twelve are not dependent on the faith of the individual hero to spread their special powers. A warrior born in the month of Hesinde (pronounced: Hasinda), the goddess of art, science and magic), will, most of the times, worship Rondra, the war goddess, despite the birth present. It is not even essential that the hero herself knows the birth date, but is an advantage if the player knows it.

Birthday Table

D20D6 (Days of the Moon)

Birth Month Table


Gifts of the Gods

These are the gifts that the gods provide your heroes with when they are born in their moon, please fill them into your hero sheet at the end of the hero's generation.
PraiosCourage +1
RondraSwords +1
EfferdSwimming +1, Boats +1
TraviaIntuition +1
BoronSensitivity +1
HesindeAlchemy +1
FirunMissile +1, Track +1
TsaCharisma +1
PhexSteal +1, Sneak +1
PeraineHeal Wounds +1, Heal Disease +1
IngerimmThrust Weapons +1
RahjaDance +1, Sing +1, Seduce +1

Since the Arkanian year has 365 days as ours, however 12 months with 30 days each are only 360 days, 5 days are seemingly the rest. These 5 days are under the sign of the evil god, the God Without a Name, a dark tempter. Whosoever is born under the sign of the Nameless, begins his life against a dark background. But we do not care about these sad creatures in this introduction because those people will never be the heroes that you will be acting as in as role-playing game and there never was...

Year of Birth

Today, i.e. 1998, we are writing the year 28 Hal. It began on the 1st of January in Arkania as the 1st of Praios (although the weather is like July). So to calculate your year of birth just calculate backwards cause in Arkania the time is always going on, since we are heading for a new era.

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