Giant Cayman

"Of the crocodyle, and cayman and allygators, too: Four to six steps they might span, but they are only found in the south. The traveller shall be warned from these countries of the noon, because they are hideous and always attack your back. Their teeth are capable of tearing a leg from your body in one go and their skin is more resistant than leather and even sharp steel may not easily cut it." Giant caymans in a game This kind of crocodiles is living in swamps and rivers in southern Arkania. The cayman is a carnivore and everything that trespasses onto its shores is a potential meal for it. It may well happen that two caymans attack each other because of such an appeal, so that the booty itself may escape. It will always attack with its giant mouth, only in fights against more than one invader it will also use its tail. GIANT CAYMAN CO: 16 AT: 8 PA: 5 LE: 24 RP: 4 HP: 1D6+2(tail),2D6+2(mouth) MS: 4 Sta: 30 MR: 6 CM: 25 Against more than one enemy the cayman has the opportunities of two attacks per fighting turn, 1 by tail and 1 by mouth.

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