Khom Vulture

"Of the Khomian lamb-vulture: It is nothing than a hideous creature and robber, this thing which dresses up like eagle or falcon, but liketh plundering dead bodies and attacketh the lonely wanderer on his desperate march through the heat of the desert Khom. And you seemingly find it everywhere along its harsh edges, and wherever you find a dead man." Khom vultures in a game The Khom vulture is omnivorous and it takes what it needs. If hunger drives it, it will be ferocious enough to attack a lonely human being, but you will rather find them defending its booty. Khom vultures mostly hunt as couples and they are very keen on what they find. A first attack is always a dive from the height, pointing at the same time with nose and claws at the target. Such an attack can only be avoided or parried by a test of AGILITY+3. Only then the hero may begin to attack the vulture himself. After every attack of the bird you have to decide by a roll of a D6 if the vulture rises again to try a new nose-dive (i.e. each even number on the D6) or tries to fight in a bird-to-man combat. The odd number you rolled gives the number the vulture stays down to earth before it rises again to have another try. KHOM VULTURE CO: 15 AT: 15/7 PA: 5 LE: 20 RP: 2 HP: 1D6+3(nose),2D6(claws) MS: 20/1 Sta: 80 MR: 2 CM: 20 Every second value is for the fight on the floor. A vulture attacks with claw and nose together in a nose-dive.

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