The goblin About the goblins: Smaller and uglier than orks they are the goblins, grabbing with their long arms of red fur everywhere they can, equal to a monkey. They wear rags and dwell in places similar to rats, in ruins, caverns and tunnels. They do not think much, their little mind is however concerned with warfare. They often fight with each other and with everyone they encounter. If they meet a stronger enemy, they are cowards, but hideous, always seeking for an advantage. They are mostly found in Bornland and wherever the dark creatures of Borbarad are found these times, though they do not seem to like him more than any other human being. But their dexterity makes them good weavers and dyers." Goblins in a game Most of the times goblins will be an encounter when they are working for any kind of rogue for a handful of silver or when some goblins try their luck in street robbery. This may become quite uncomfortable, because they do not leave aside any trick they know. Their weakest point is their naivety. They are quite impressed by huge strength or magical powers, that they run away sometimes. In their home, the Dragon's rocks or the Red and Black Crescents, they might as well find goblins who still live according to their tribes and traditions. Many of them never saw a human being and it can be a nice roleplaying task to build up some peaceful contacts to goblins. Goblin MU: 7 AT: 10 PA: 7 LE: 20 RP: depending on armour HP: depending on weapon MS: Table1 Sta: 40 MR: -2 CM: 10

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