"About the maneaters: They are natural enemies of the human kind as well as of the dwarves and elves, because they hunt them, as if they were wild cattle. They are ugly and they may be as tall as two humans above each other. They are strong and their bite may be strange, but effective and their bleached skin, which avoids the light of Praios is a stinking pile of grease and train-oil. They are stupid, but only orks tend to be able to control them, maybe because they taught them their language. A very few ogres may be found with very huge axes in the rows of ork armies and sometimes they even built an army themselves, but you'd better not think of it..." Ogres in a game Usually, you find tribes or families of ogres in caves and ruins throughout Arkania with the exception of the very cold north and the burning heat of the very south. They are the most stupid people on two legs and their only drive seems to be their hunger. To strike a deal with an ogre is impossible, because he is not only dumb as pumice, he is also obsessed with the idea of eating you. Their fighting tactics is negligible, but their power can make a successful strike your last sight. They are too stupid to fear a fight, that is where they get their courage. Ogre MU: 20 AT: 9 PA: 5 LE: 40 RP: 3 HP: 2D6 (fist), 2D6+6 (club) MS: 10 Sta: 30 MR: 0 CM: 20

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