Assignments: timelessness, stagnation, torpor, cold, darkness, death, writing, logic, cold rationality, numbness, knowledge

Counter Element: Humus

Attribute: Wisdom

Colors: white, violet

Associated Deities: Boron, Firngrim, Firun, Ifirn, Marbo, Nandus, Orvai Kurim, Shinxir, Tairach, Zerzal

Wanderstars and Constellations: Planet Marbo, Satinav Star, Constellations Raven, Polar Bear and Uthar’s Gates

Seasons: Firun month, winter, Rohalday

Hesindian Art: calligraphy

Minerals and Metals: light aquamarine, rock crystal, diamond, gold, meteoric iron, lunar silver, onyx, quartz

Associated Substances: ice and snow, mammoth tusks, seal fat, silver fox fur, talashin, dead scarabs, vampire fangs

Special Locations: Ice Citadel, Elf City Sky Tower, Arras de Mott Monastery, Dark Hall, Ice Pyramid of Zerzal

Major Elementalists: grandmaster Falka von Paavi, the ice geode Kubax Krähenfirn, the frostworm Schirr’Zach, Tubalkain von Selem

Ice is the most calculating and callous of the elements. It needs cold to survive. Therefore, it only exists where temperatures are consistently below freezing. So it is the snow-covered expanses of the north, high mountains with glaciers and ice fields and cold winter landscapes that are close to the element. This is reinforced by the former ritual of Pyrdacor. Up to this point, the ice in Aventuria was much more widespread and found at various points across the continent, before concentrating at the poles of Deres.

Some humanoid races, such as snow kraits, fir elves, snow orcs or fjarningers, who have long lived in the always ice-covered regions, are said to have a special affinity for the element. Those born with arcane power often have a special bond with an element and its various spells. Those who have dedicated themselves to ice are said to have a certain hardness towards themselves and others, which often gradually turns into the element's hostility to life. Feelings gradually give way to logical calculation - life becomes a simple dimension of an equation.

Among the magic theorists, ice is also considered the element to which time magic is assigned, due to the associated stagnation and the assignment of timelessness. Among the gods today, Firun and Ifirn are associated with ice.

The legendary Citadel of Ice is said to be located just beneath the Losstern, the northernmost point of Aventuria - a place so cold it is said that time itself freezes there. The Dark Hall in the Misty Spire, created by the Firn Elves and named Firnya Kharjanda Sala, is believed to have a gateway to the citadel. It is said that without the protection of either the lost Elemental Key or the ice itself, none shall be able to tread this path. It was the High Elves who built the Spire of Heaven in Yetiland, the now-deserted elemental city of ice that still stands there.

The domain of the Nagrach, also called Belshirash or Frosty Hunter, includes the Uneis and the entities made up of them. Cast by the Heptarch Glorana using the Nagrach Shard of the Demon Crown, the Magnum Opus of Eternal Winter created the Blackfrost Wastes in the far north. Here, for years, Uneis from the lower hells met pure ice and perverted it over a large area. Even today, years after the end of Glorana, such places remain and can surprise the traveler in the north.