Assignments: firmness, stability, stagnation, willpower, sticking to the status quo, patience, sense of duty, firm principles, truthfulness, stubbornness, order, craftsmanship

Counter Element: air

Attribute: Strength

Colors: gray, black and orange as symbolic gold

Associated Deities: Angrosch, Gravesh, Ingerimm, Raschtul, Travia

Wanderstars and Constellations: Planet Levthan, constellations Hammer and Anvil, Polar Bear and Horns

Seasons: Ingerimm month, Marketday

Hesindian Art: sculpture

Minerals and Metals: basalt, lead, diamond, iron, glass, garnet, semi-precious stones, jewels, coal, metals, sand, jewelry, weapons

Associated Substances: chitinous shells, griffin feathers, chestnuts, coconuts, turtle shells, heavy cobwebs

Special Locations: Citadel of Ore, Elf City Tie’Shianna, Black Tower, Vulkan Abyss, Djinn Fortress Al’Archamud

Major Elementalists: grandmaster Emmeran from the Northmarks, A’Sar al’Abastra, the troll shaman Krallerwatsch son of Krallulatsch

Ore, also called rock, is the hardest, most durable and most patient of all elements. It forms the basis of that on which everything else stands and is therefore the basis of the world. Every rock and metal in Aventuria is made of ore, whether basalt, marble, gold or precious stones, but also sand and materials made from these raw materials such as glass, jewelry and weapons. Above all, mountains and deserts are close to the ore. Traditionally, Ingerimm and Angrosch are associated with the element, as are the dwarves who live deep in the mountains. Most of the ore-pleasing sites are in mountains, such as the Black Tower in the Kosh, the fortress of Al'Archamud on the edge of the Khôm, and the citadel of ore deep beneath the Rashtul Wall. It is said that the giant Rashtul buried it when it fell and rammed it 1000 miles deep into Sumu's body, so that today it lies deep under the mountains. Legends tell of oodles of precious metals, crystals and gems in this citadel. The elemental lord of the ore shall dwell where there is no air, water, or life, but only rock and matter. He is firmness and strength, patience and inflexibility.

Although ore appears solid, it is not dead, but is associated with some life forms. One of these are the dwarves, who show clear influences of the element in their stubbornness, toughness, longevity, attachment to tradition and affinity for mining and forging. Perhaps that is why the Elemental Lord of Ore formed a bond with Brandan to protect them from the dragons bound to the air. Since those days, the dwarves have guarded the elemental key of the ore. Another ore-linked species are the gagolwings, gargoyles that are of elemental origin. These types of gargoyles are creatures that slowly petrify as they deflate and ore becomes dominant. Over time, they become stone creatures whose life expires, after which they remain as figures on buildings.

Ore has a special status in magic, since there are traditions that base their spells and rituals on precious stones and thus on ore. These are the Crystalomancy of the lizard beings as well as the Petromancy, which e.g. B. Practice rooting. The effect of the magic action is determined by the use of stones, mostly precious stones. Some spells actually consume the stone, its essence powering the spell. The perverted Unerz belongs to the domain of Agrimoth, also called Widharcal or Corruptor of the Elements. He is able to transform good rock and metal into sacrilegious caricatures, like his own hell iron.