Old Sewers

36 01) Exit via the warehouse south of the temple of Efferd 02) Exit via the temple of Firun 03) Exit via the temple of Travia 04) Exit via the temple of Phex 05) Exit via the temple of Tsa 06) Exit via the temple of Rahja 07) Exit via the temple of Efferd 08) Exit via the rat-catcher's house 09) This wall can be opened using the rat-catcher's device. Consider the three holes on a dwarf's eye level 10) You may dive through here. Heroes, who are not roped up or bad at swimming, are lost permanently! Equip your best swimmer with an ordinary rope, which will allow you to dive through safely in the future. The risk of catching Numbskull remains however 11) See 10 12) Here is a passage from the old sewers to the new sewers and vice versa 13) A high perception skill allows you to free another passage here 14) See 13 15) The guild's new headquarters is located here 16) This wall section disappears automatically as soon as you have received the Tradesmaster's mission to seek out the Feylamia 17) If you clear away the pile of boulders and have a dwarf in your party, he may lead you to the city wall of Riva, near the North Gate. Without a dwarf, tests on lock picking and Agility are performed, which may result in injuries, in case you fail them. From now on, you may enter the old sewers from both sides (see Surroundings map, location 28) 18) This exit leads you in front of the city wall, too 19) This wall section disappears if you pass by with Eleana 20) The iron door leads to Feylamia's hideout A) In the guild headquarters, you receive the remaining missions till the end of the game Translation by Peridor

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