Other Elements

While the six elements are generally accepted, schools of thought differ on others. Magic is considered by many to be the former seventh element, brought into the world as a free force by Mada's sacrilege and the destruction of the Citadel of Magic. As a result, it is no longer an element today, even if it shows certain properties of such and there are magicians who seek magic spells for well-known hexalogies.

The force, as magic is called as an element, was the color black, charisma, the gods Hesinde, Mada, Phex and the Nameless One, as well as in astrology the Madamal (especially as a full moon), the Rohal Star, the Borbarad Star, the North Star, the Wandering star Mada, associated with the constellation Fox, solstices and equinoxes. Common attributions are the month of Hesinde, the day of Praios and the precious stone onyx.

The power is associated with the magic schools of control, domination, influencing, spirit, limbo, meta-magic, and, rarely, counter-magic. It is disputed whether the magic had a counter-element, which leads to the thesis of counter-magic as the eighth element. That both are not present in the Elemental Citadel in Drakonia is often cited as proof that they are not elements.

This is contradicted by the druid view that spirit is the seventh or eighth element. Hesinde, Nandus, Satuaria, Rohal and Borbarad are assigned to this partly in competition. In astrology, Spirit represents the planet Xeledon, the Imperial Star, the North Star, the constellation Horns, the month of Travia, and lunar and solar eclipses. Consciousness, reason, will, control, perception, dominance and transparency are assigned to him as allegories.

To the druids, the spirit element represents bound souls, spirit beings, and dominating magic affecting the spirit. For many druids, speaking to spirits is as normal as speaking to an elemental or dominating a person. Again, there is no counter element, but the summoning of spirits is possible. Since this does not require a matrix of the element, many doubt that it is the same mechanism. The fact that the Spirit Citadel exists in its own right alongside the Elemental Citadel, and that the Spirit is not represented in Drakonia, speaks against it being an element.

Some Crystalomancers believe in time as an additional element, probably due to Satinav's worship as Ssad'Navv. Time in Lizards is associated with Satinav, Boron, Ymra, Fatas, the constellation Satinav, the Moon, the month of Boron, and lunar eclipses, and is associated with past, present, future, eternity, rhythm, progress, constitution, and the color white. No counter-element has been handed down for time. Time beings are not known, although legend has it that Satinav attempted their summoning.

Among magicians who adhere to Rohal's idea of balance, the view is widespread that the elemental balance itself is an element. Harmony, community, dualism, interplay, tension, hexagram and hexagon as well as the gods Rur and Gror, Travia and the Nameless are attributed to him.

In astrology it is associated with the planet Horas, the Borbarad star, the constellation Rings and the equinoxes.

The counter element to balance is the demonic chaos whose creatures are contrary to the elemental order, and the hatred between demons and elementals is cited as evidence. However, it is not possible to summon balance beings, and the summoning of demons is quite different from that of elemental beings. The separate Citadel of Demons is also cited against this theory.

The fundamental argument against other elements is that there are no elementals or pure manifestations of them. However, lightning or darkness are sometimes referred to as elemental manifestations. An exception are the spirit minds of force, which rank in the elemental spirit minds and support the theory that force was an element. Since no other beings of magic exist anymore and the power also flows through the limbus, it is probably no longer an element today.

Since no spirits of the opposite element of the force are known, some believe they never possessed one. This is strictly opposed by followers of the Elemental Balance, as well as by geodes and other nature magicians.

Many believers in Hesinde cite the crystal of elemental transformations, which changes into a different one of the 6 elements every 12th part of an hour, as proof of the sixness of the elements. So the question of one or more other elements ultimately remains a question of faith. Their existence cannot be proven in Aventuria, but it cannot be definitively disproved either.