Assignments: constant change, violent reversals, boundlessness, depth, melancholy, unfathomability, elegance, subconscious, madness

Counter Element: Fire

Attribute: Agility

Colors: blue

Associated Deities: Efferd, Numinoru, Swafnir

Wanderstars and Constellations: Planet Nandus, Constellations Dolphin and Bark

Seasons: Efferd month, rainy seasons (especially in South Aventuria), Waterday

Hesindian Art: music

Minerals and Metals: aquamarine, electrum, gwen petryl, adder stone, lapis lazuli, moonsilver, quicksilver, sapphire, pewter

Associated Substances: dolphin teeth, lizard and fish scales, shapeshifter hair, shark skin, mist, clear spring water, squid ink, whale bladder

Special Locations: Citadel of Water, High Elf City of Isiriel, Misty Spire

Major Elementalists: grandmaster Halman Sandström, Xindra von Sumus Kate, Yakuban ben Hasrabal, the ship mage Swanhild Norrisdottir

Water is change - it stands and falls, flows and streams, runs and sweeps away, is up to your neck or is as shallow as some conversations. It is unfathomable, difficult to comprehend and reluctant to reveal its secrets, so it is not without reason that it is said: “still waters run deep”. It gives life to the thirsty; without water, people, animals and plants would wither miserably. But too much of it and the element unfolds its destructive power. The force with which it smashes across the land, drowning, washing away and destroying everything in its path is unparalleled. It is not without reason that floods are among the most terrible natural disasters of all.

Water plays with the other elements, teasing them but never submitting to them. Water puts out even the biggest fires, melts ice, washes away soil and causes ore to rust. Even the otherwise invisible air can suddenly be recognized when, permeated by the power of the water, it begins to billow up as a cloud of fog.

Water is omnipresent, it is the driving force of nature. It fills the streams, rivers and lakes, the seas and oceans. It feeds the fountains and oases, falls from the sky as rain and collects as dew on mushrooms and plants. The inhabitants of Dere have been using it for thousands of years for cooking, brewing beer and distilling schnapps. Also for bathing, cleaning and washing.

Water wheels harness its power in grain mills or hammer mills. In alchemy, the purest form of water is known as a double distillate and is used in countless elixirs. Gemstones such as aquamarine, sapphire or the mystical Gwen Petryl are assigned to the element.

The theory of magic gives him the Magica Transformatorica, that form of magic that deals primarily with the transformation of objects. The Hesindian arts see it as music, of which there are innumerable varieties and which, like the element itself, is constantly changing.

According to the twelve divine teachings, the old god Efferd, who is also called the capricious one, is considered the lord of water, but the infinite Numinoru and the whale-shaped Swafnir are also associated with this element. For several ages, the goddess Charypta was considered the ruler of the water, in the depths of which she created countless new creatures. The fascination of the wet element was so great and captivating that the goddess, even after her journey into the lower hells, could not let go of it, and since then as archdemon Charyptoroth has stretched out her tentacles and tentacles from her domain Gal’k’zuul.