Reputation with Gods in Arkania Online

Arkania Online decided to adopt the idea of divine reputation from the first part of Realms of Arkania trilogy - Blade of Destiny. Unfortunately, we did not manage to recover the original calculation formula, so we created our own.

At the game start the reputation value is zero. In the process of the game the reputation is altered by charitable and blasphemous decisions your heroes make. The value of the reputation falls in range between -100% and +100%. When the reputation is positive, you have a chance to get the God’s blessing by praying in the temple. When you pray and ask for miracles, you reputation is also lowering, because you kind of ‘annoy’ the Gods.

Charitable and Blasphemous Deeds

LiePraios -1
Cheat, PickpocketPhex +1, Praios -1
Pick Lock, Haggle, Evaluate, StreetwisePhex +1
Win combat against humanoidsRondra +, Tsa -
Win combat against animalsFirun +, Tsa -
Win combat against chimerasTsa +
Use poison in combatRondra -1
Use poison for huntingFirun -1
HuntingFirun +1
FishingEfferd +1
Searching for herbsPeraine +1
AlchemyHesinde +1, Ingerimm +1
CraftingIngerimm +
Reading particular books and scrollsHesinde +
Treat poison, disease and woundsPeraine +2, Travia +1, Tsa +1
Dance, Instrument, SeduceRahja +1
Sharing foodTravia +
Being friendly, helping othersTravia +, Tsa +
Rescue or help 12 Gods’ devoteesCorresponding God +
Mating, drinking wineRahja +1
Being drunk or intoxicatedBoron +1
Banish spirits, bury corpsesBoron +
Destroy other gods’ shrines, statues and artifactsAll Gods +5
Destroy demonic shrines, statues and artifactsAll Gods +15
Donate money1 gold ducat = 1 reputation point
Ask for miracleAll Gods -5
Pray to Nameless or ArchdemonsAll Gods -15
Demonic PactAll freeze at -100%

If the exact reputation value is not set, it means that it might vary according to difficulty and circumstances. Of course, there are unique encounters that alter reputation points, that are not listed in the table.