Gods’ Miracles in Arkania Online

By doing charitable deeds, your heroes gain reputation with each of the Twelve Gods. When reputation becomes positive, heroes can expect to receive a divine blessing while praying. In Realms of Arkania original trilogy, some miracles were permanent, while the others lasted a limited amount of time. Arkania Online does not track time, and that makes most of the temporary blessings meaningless. That is why several important changes were made to available miracles. Each miracle has its cost. When the miracle is applied, the cost gets reduced from the reputation.

RollOriginalArkania OnlineCost
Praios (not for spellcasters)
1-5CR+1 for 3 daysCR+1 until rest5
6-7MR+1 for 1 dayMR+1 until rest5
9revive dead herorevive dead hero50
1-5Swords +1 for 4 daysSwords +1 permanent50
6-7MR+1 for 1 dayMR+1 until rest5
8turning weapon magicalturning weapon magical50
9revive dead herorevive dead hero50
1-5find water for 4 daysOrientation / Survival / Perception +1 permanent50
6-8protection on the water for 4 daysOrientation / Geography / Danger Sense +1 permanent50
9Swim +2 for 5 daysSwim +1 permanent50
10revive dead herorevive dead hero50
1-10hunger satehunger sate5
11-15d6+2 LP for herod6+2 LP for hero5
16no night raids for 8 daysSelf Control / Perception / Hide / Sneak / Streetwise +1 permanent50
17revive dead herorevive dead hero50
1-4protection from undeadprotection from undead5
5NE -1 for 4 daysNE -1 until rest5
6revive dead herorevive dead hero50
1-3Analyse +1 for 5 daysArcane Lore +1 and Analyse +150
7MR+5 for 4 daysMR+5 until rest5
8DummyAncient Tongues +1 and Cryptographo +150
9DummyAlchemy +1 and Klarum Purum +150
10revive dead herorevive dead hero50
1-8hunting success for 4 daysTrack / Animal Lore / Survival +150
9no hunger and thirst for 9 dayshunger and thirst sate5
10revive dead herorevive dead hero50
1-102d6 LP for hero2d6 LP for hero5
11-15heal all partyheal all party5
16-18revive dead herorevive dead hero50
1-5Locks +1 and Pickpocket +1 for 4 daysLocks +1 and Pickpocket +1 permanent100
6-8Haggle +1 for 4 daysHaggle +1 permanent50
9DX+1 for 4 daysDX+1 until rest5
10revive dead herorevive dead hero50
1-10d6 LP for heroHerb Lore +1 pemanent50
11-162d6 LP for hero2d6 LP for hero5
17-18heal diseaseheal disease5
19revive dead herorevive dead hero50
1-5repair all weaponsDX+1 until rest5
6turn weapon magicalturn weapons magical50
7repair weapon and turn it magicalrepair all weapons5
8revive dead herorevive dead hero50
1-8Dance +2 and Seduce +2 for 7 daysInstrument +1 permanent50
9-13CH+1 for 3 daysCH+1 until rest5
14Dance +2 and Seduce +2 permanentDance +2 and Seduce +2 permanent100
15revive dead herorevive dead hero50

As you can see, the Gods in Arkania Online are more generous. We hope that these changes will give meaning to the very idea of praying. Please note, that praying to Boron and Tsa has very good chances to bring your dead heroes to life.

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