Riva City Map


01) Temple of Travia. Ask the priestess for Riva

02) Temple of Firun. You receive a mission to bring back order into Boron's field

03) Temple of Efferd. If you ask the priest for Riva, you will be referred to the haunted watchtower

04) Temple of Phex

05) Temple of Rahja

06) Temple of Tsa

Inns & Taverns

07) "Blue Kvill" inn

08) "Mighty Fortress" inn

09) "At the trenchside" inn

10) "Riva Parlour" inn

11) "Fox fur" tavern. If you are lucky you may find the NPC Shila, a level 10 She-Rogue, in here

12) "Harbour maid" tavern. Here you meet Riva's information broker number one, Tarik. However, you must have talked to the beggar Lea before. After the conversation with Tarik, you are able to open the manhole covers. Additionally, you are invited here to meet a special person (quest: Bride of the Winds)

13) "The laughing prickear" tavern

Market hall, healers and shops

14) Market hall of Riva

15) Grocer "Isida Ingstrok"

16) Grocer "Gorm Doldrecht". After you have solved the quest dealing with The Sorcerer's Tower, he plays an important part in the game. Visit him after you reported back to the Holberkians

17) Healer, herbalist and seeress "Quenya Stardust"

18) Healer and herbalist "Belona Huisdorn". You may visit Belona as recently as you got to know Ordo Gulek

19) Blacksmith "Jisila Bardenberg"

20) Armorer "Burian Rodebrecht"

21) Ropemaker "Jette Hafgebel"

22) Bowyer "Caya Sennscheid". Take a look at the excellent extra light longbows!

23) Tailor "Yeto Orbegast"

24) Instrument maker "Storanio Vardari"

Miscellaneous buildings and locations

25) "Rapture" brothel

26) Elementary school

27) Town and district court of Riva

28) Public baths

29) Mapmaker "Elaya Ords". Sells the map you are looking at right at the moment

30) Riva town hall

31) Castle Riva

32) The haunted watchtower is located between these tall buildings. Around 11 p.m. a "ghost" appears...

33) Tarik's residence. You come here to hand over the pirate document or ask more questions about the town. Prior to this, you must have met him in the "Harbour maid" next door

34) Home of the NPC Thorgrim the strong. He is a level 12 dwarf and will always join your party unless you are charged with murder in the town

35) Movert Welzelin. Ask him for the apparition in front of the watchtower

36) In this terrace house you find Eleana of Arivor, who impersonated Lea on the market place. Zyla Horger lives next door and is involved in the ghost story too

37) After you delivered the kobold's hands to Zyla, your heroes will follow her to the house of a mage, who impersonated the ghost. As you could smooth down differences between these two parties, you receive 3 strong healing potions and several ducats as a reward

38) Adran Seahoff lives here. You have to follow this pirate at night in order to get to Daswadan Severin's home

39) A text box will show up mentioning that Adran has disappeared in this house. Visit Daswadan the next day to receive game points. Alternatively, you may break in immediately, which results in a fight. Either way, you receive a pirate document

40) You may break in this abandoned house using a crowbar. Inside you find several items including poisonous loneberries and a black statuette. The amulet is worthless unfortunately

41) Rank Termoil is the person to talk to if you want to swap the bond found on the Bride of Winds for weapons or armours (you must have 60 ducats with you though). The counter-value is a bit higher

42) The rat-catcher Xebbert Duerrbann lives here. You may get deloused or, in case he is not at home, find a strange looking device, which you can use in the old sewers

43) You are invited to this warehouse by Lea, after you have found the guild's old headquarters in the sewers with the assistance of Mandara

44) Entering the sewers via this manhole cover is the quickest way to meet the rat-catcher or the monster

45) You may run into Tarik or Lea at these points. You will also meet Tarsinion here and an attempt on your life is made. Consider the darker patches on the road, which may trigger events at certain times – the bright ones are of no special interest

46) Via the manhole cover at the temple of Travia, you may reach the southern part of the sewers, where you hit upon a gang of pirates between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. If you have already seen dead pirates (as a result of the guild's actions) in town, this is no longer possible

47) If you have discovered the secret hideout of the pirates in the sewers and defeated their gang, leave the sewers through the hole in the wall and step out this house, which you can also enter henceforth

48) Boron's field, cemetery of Riva. Besides a quest, it will play another important part as a depot

49) North Gate

50) South Gate

Translation by Peridor

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