The edifice of the Queen

51 01) Glissade into the worms' lair 02) The heroes notice a worm carrying an egg 03) Do not taste the greenish mass! 04) These stones serve as ammunition for a sling 05) Fight against a worm, loot: Borbarad egg 06) 5 twigs (edged weapons) and Y-twigs (necessary to construct slings) 07) Mushrooms having a healing effect 08) Fight against a spitting spider 09) Spider threads (combine with Y-twigs) 10) Severe fight against 3 praying mantises, 2 cave spiders and 3 stagga beetles 11) 4 stings (pointed weapons) and 3 beetle carapaces (armour) 12) Fight against an emerald morfu, loot: 50 poisonous spines (ammo for blowguns) 13) Severe fight against 7 worms 14) Passage to the next level Translation by Peridor

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