The surroundings of Riva

31 01) South Gate of Riva 02) North Gate of Riva 03) A group of eight Thorwalians crosses your path. If you decide to fight them this will earn a nice bunch of EP, as this is your first encounter with this kind of enemy presumably. You may also hand over some brandy, which allows you to avoid a fight. This encounter may occur on the whole path ranging from the north to the south 04) At the end of the path you meet Stipen Hullheimer. Do not turn down help concerning his exam 05) Two weeping willows: Use Stipen's elf horn 06) The North Gate (consider the painting on one of the turrets): Use Stipen's elf horn 07) Boots sticking out the rock: Use Stipen's elf horn 08) If one hero pulls the boots, he is drawn to the inside of a small cave and has to face a cursed warrior (Warning: this guy is a tough nut to crack). Special loot: magic boots 09) Rotten landing dock: Use Stipen's elf horn 10) Shack with stack of wood: Search the stack to find the ring and wait for Stipen afterwards 11) For a small fee, you may have magical items analysed at the Stoerrebrandt College 12) You may spend the nights for free in this hut, in case you think that the town's inns are too expensive. However, you will have uninvited visitors occasionally 13) Random encounter: orc patrol 14) Bad climbers will get hurt at this pile of boulders 15) You find several shurin bulbs here 16) A large pack of dire wolves awaits you here. By pure chance... 17) Perception and herb lore allows you to find several gulmond leaves here. The hero trying to collect them gets hurt though 18) Finding the ilmen leaves at this point requires a high skill in perception and herb lore too 19) The same applies to the joruga shrubs. Clumsy climbers may be attacked by a storm hawk, which protects his aerie. Each further attempt raises the chance to get the joruga finally 20) If you go a bridge too far into the water, you may stumble and take harm. Your leader may get Numbskull additionally 21) Random encounter: a horde of bandits 22) Fresh loneberries can be found using your perception and herb lore abilities once again 23) Several shurin bulbs may be discovered relying on your perception and herb lore skills. The collector is injured by a rabbit trap, which is secured with a bolt 24) Seven tusk tigers should pose no problem to an experienced party 25) Passing difficult tests on perception and herb lore allows you to find thonnys here 26) Several belmart leaves. Once again perception and herb lore is tested 27) Several gulmond leaves. As you might have guessed, perception and herb lore is useful here 28) An entrance to the old sewers is located here. You may use it as soon as you have entered it from the other side 29) This section of wall may be removed in order to reach the proximity of the Dwarven Mine 30) You may run into an orc patrol at this point 31) This is the entrance to the Dwarven Mine Translation by Peridor

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