Toranor Tower - Level 3

42 01) Illusionary passage: A hero casting "Dispell illusions" receives 1000 EP. Be careful, as you may fall out of the tower into the garden and get hurt 02) You can rest here. Assaults may take place though 03) Illusionary passage: the spell mentioned above earns no additional EP. Once again, you may fall out of the tower into the magician's garden, so be careful 04) Illusionary passage: destroying this illusion earns no additional EP. This time, you would fall into the sea, which results in a permanent loss of the concerning hero! 05) The magician's rooms: You find a special helmet here 06) Lots of clothing and 2 documents 07) At the picture of a mage answer "Borbarad" 08) Ignifaxius-protected chest: magical bread bag, octagonal Allen key, magical orc hook (unbreakable, PA –8, HP 11-16) and 19D 8S. Pick up everything! 09) Destroy the statue. By doing this you rob a large part of Toranor's AP, making the fight against him much easier 10) Library: Burn the black magical books using a burning torch in order to receive EP. Cast "Dispell Transformation" in front of each shelf, until the heroes will not discover books of interest any longer. Books to be burned are the following ones: Zurbaran's book, Ways without name, The Daimonicon and Borbarad's testament 11) Another fight against Pergor (in the shape of a warrior) 12) Table: 1 alchemy set and a recipe for elixir of CR 13) 3 elixirs of CR, recipe for anti-CR elixir, 2 elixirs of WD, 4 healing potions, strong healing potion, magic potion, 3x sleeping poison, 2x fear poison. Beware of the elixirs of CR, as they cause the exact opposite! 14) Table with operational instruments. If you do not have one already, take along a dagger or a knife, you will need it later on 15) Fight against Toranor and 4 dog men. Loot: a blue amulet and two magic potions. Use Artherion's bow to fight Toranor effectively (see "Star Trail") 16) Head for the pentagram and cast "Motoricus". As a reward you receive a super magic potion 17) Table: see 14 18) This door leads to level 4 Translation by Peridor

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