Toranor Tower - Level 4

43 01) This is the last floor of the tower. Good luck! 02) Open this door using the octagonal Allen key 03) Pergor ticks off slowly. Once again he appears in the shape of a combat magician, accompanied by 2 ghouls this time 04) Answer the question with "FLAME" 05) Fight against fire elementals: the number of elementals depends on how many attempts it took to give the right answer at the door 06) Chest: morning star, red amulet 07) Walk across the green pentagrams to get back to the circular hall 08) See 4 09) Green pentagram: teleporter 10) Chest: goupillon, 3 dried whirlweeds 11) See 5 12) 3 ghouls want to taste steel once again 13) See 4 14) See 5 15) Chest: lotus poison, green ring 16) See 9 17) Using the teleporter at 16 brings you here 18) Final battle against Pergor, piecing together the mosaic 19) You may resurrect your dead at the shrine 20) The mini-bar: take the elixirs of CH with you 21) Wardrobe: crowded with clothing 22) Another green pentagram: you leave the tower here and land in the magician's garden - quest solved! Translation by Peridor

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