House Rat and Field Rat

Arkania Online Monsters - House Rat and Field Rat
Rats are always found in packs of 20 or more and will only attack a hero if they appear in such numbers or are cornered. What is dangerous about these rodents is not only their large number, but also the fact that they often transmit diseases. This is why catching bonuses are even offered during times of rat plagues.

Rats can hardly be fought with normal weapons (there is an AT penalty of 3 points). On the other hand, a well-aimed kick with a firm boot can send a rat into the afterlife; when a hero succeeds in a Dexterity test. Once he hits the rat, he deals d6 hit points to it. If the test succeeds with a 1 or 2 on the d20, the rat is dead and a second rat is also dealt d6 hit points.

Rats always attack uncovered places, and so a rat bite always causes damage points that are deducted directly from the life energy.

House or Field Rat

It is no coincidence that the common rat is also called the house or field rat, because the animals seem to be primarily attracted to civilization. Rats are part of everyday life in virtually every village whose inhabitants cannot be counted on one hand. Sometimes the animals are extremely eager to reproduce, so much so that they become a real nuisance.
Distribution: all of Aventuria except the Far North

CR: 10 AT: 5 PA: 0
LE: 3 AR: 0 Damage: 2*
MP: 4 END: 20 MR: 1 MC: 1 (Packs of up to 10)

The best way to fight rats is with kicks (see above).

*) If a hero has suffered more than 5 VP from rat bites, there is a 5% chance of being infected with one of the following diseases: Lutanas (1-5), Swamp Fever (6-8), Battlefield Fever (9-11), Rapid Madness ( 12-15), Zorgan Pox (16-17), Rabies (18-19), Yearly Fever (20).

Hunting: trapping

Prey: Meat inedible, fur worthless, sometimes catch rewards of up to 3H per rat
Optional Rule: pack (d20+10, sometimes up to 3d20+30)