Wolf Rat

Arkania Online Monsters - Wolf Rat

Wolf Rats are particularly prevalent in ruins where they can do their mischief undisturbed. However, you can just as easily meet the animals in the wild or in cities. Sometimes the animals attack small villages in large flocks, where the farmers like to attack them with dung forks and flails.

Distribution: North and Central Aventuria, Tobria, Arania, Almada, Fair Feld

CR: 12 AT: 7 PA: 0
LE: 6 AR: 0 Damage: 3*
MP: 4 END: 20 MR: 1 MC: 1 (in pack up to 11)

The best way to fight rats is with kicks (see above).

*) If a hero has suffered more than 5 VP from rat bites, there is a 5% chance of being infected with one of the following diseases: Lutanas (1-5), Swamp Fever (6-8), Battlefield Fever (9-11), Rapid Madness (12-15), Zorgan Pox (16-17), Rabies (18-19), Yearly Fever (20).

Hunting: traps

Prey: Meat inedible, fur worthless, sometimes catch rewards of up to 5H per rat.

Optional Rule: pack (2d6+6, sometimes up to 2d20+20)