Swamp Rat

Arkania Online Monsters - Swamp Rat

Swamp rats, which are sometimes found on shallow rivers or lake shores, are the most aggressive rats. Their packs consist of at least 20 animals.

Distribution: swamps and rivers across all Aventuria

CR: 15 AT: 9 PA: 0
LE: 6 AR: O Damage: 3*

MP: 4 END: 20 MR: 1 MC: 2 (in pack up to 13)

The best way to fight rats is with kicks (see above).

*) See domestic rats, but there is a 10% risk of infection. Swamp rats almost exclusively transmit Swamp and Yearly Fever.

Hunting: trapping

Prey: meat inedible, fur worthless

Optional Rule: pack (d20+20, sometimes up to 3d20+30)